Book Review: Art in Advertising by David K. Stone

Publisher: Pitman Publishing Corp.

Year: 1961

Pages: 48

Type: Softcover

ISBN: 1-9876543

“…the success of the ad depends upon the illustration’s effectiveness.”

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to break into the world of advertising, this booklet is for you. It’s short and to the point but still packed with just about everything an aspiring artist would need to make a success with a pencil or paint brush.

I’m primarily drawn to these publications because of the vintage look and feel of them. And although they are decades old, they always seem to hold up in the advice and instruction they give. There truly is no school like the Old School!

The contents walk you through the process of choosing a specialty, obtaining the correct equipment, perfecting your drawing, and then selling your portfolio to an agency or client.

The four pages below are a sampling of the words of wisdom and graphic artwork used to teach this interesting profession:

I’ve included the next page because it explains the process of developing a cover, with this booklet’s own cover:

David K. Stone (1922-2001) was an American Illustrator. According to GoodReads, Stone was a native of Reedsport, Oregon and an illustrator of over 80 books and magazines. His paintings are part of a permanent collection in the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of the Interior, Princeton University, the Smithsonian Institution, Society of Illustrators, as well as in private collections.

It seems only natural that such a gifted and accomplish artist would create such a How-to booklet like Art in Advertising. He would have been in his late 30s when he created it, and at the peak of his profession. Over 60 years later, his experience still holds up!

I would give Art in Advertising a solid 4.5 Out of 5 Stars. As an artist myself, I could easily follow the instruction and know that it could be just as easily applied by even a novice. But it is a bit brief, so one would be better served by the booklet if they already had some art instruction from an accredited course.

I believe it’s true value today lies in it’s historical context.

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Wreck-It Ralph Funko Soda VANELLOPE Figure

“Au revoir, Admiral Underpants and goodbye, Major Body Odor. ” Oh yeah? Well: “Farewell, Baroness Boogerface!”

And with that distasteful exchange, we can start the third post of a three-part series featuring the main characters from the amazing Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. In the Number Three spot we have another secondary character, but of the movie, not the other game in the movie! In her game, she is the title character. I know. It’s even more confusing.

Behold the Wreck-It-Ralph Funko Soda VANELLOPE figure:

Vanellope von Schweetz steals Ralph’s medal and uses it to buy her way into the nightly race that determines which characters will be playable the next day in her game of Sugar Rush, one of the games in the arcade in the Wreck-It Ralph movie. But she is forbidden to race because she has a glitch that causes her to move and teleport erratically, which endangers the other racers. Ralph agrees to help her get back in the race and Vanellope promises to give his medal back when she wins.

Funko Soda produced 8,400 regular figures and 1,600 Chase figures for this character. I got the regular figure:

Vanellope was voiced by Sarah Silverman.

Most girls would be upset to have a lollipop stuck in their hair, but Vanellope doesn’t seem to mind! In fact, she seems to have an entire candy store stuck in her ‘do.

These figures are small but fun and full of personality.

For more fun with Vanellope Von Schweetz, check out my post on Wreck-It Ralph merchandise at the now-defunct Disney Store.


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Wreck-It Ralph Funko Soda FIX-IT FELIX Figure

“I don’t have to do boo in this blog! Forgive my potty-mouth.”

And with that outburst, we can start the second post of a three-part series featuring the main characters from the amazing Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. In the Number Two spot we have a secondary character, but of the movie, not the game in the movie! In the game, he is the title character. I know. It’s confusing.

Behold the Wreck-It-Ralph Funko Soda FIX-IT FELIX figure:

Wreck-It Ralph the movie centers on the villain of a platformer game named Fix-it Felix, Jr., the villain being, of course, Ralph. But the real ‘hero’ of the game is Felix, he of the hammer that can fix anything when he whacks things with it. Seems this game takes place in Opposite Land!

Funko Soda produced 10,500 regular figures and 2.000 Chase figures for this character. I finally got my first Chase figure:

The difference between the regular figure and the Chase is that Felix has his hammer in his hand instead of his tool belt:

Fix-It Felix is voiced by Jack McBrayer.

I promise Felix isn’t about to hit Vanellope in the head with his hammer. That would fix anyone good!

If you haven’t had your full Fix-It Felix fix yet, check out my Fix-It Felix Jr. Cup Topper that I purchased from the movie theatre the day I first saw the movie Wreck-It Ralph.


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Wreck-It Ralph Funko Soda RALPH Figure

“I’m a blogger, and that’s good. I will never be a good blogger, and that’s not bad. There’s no blog I’d rather have than mine.”

And with that reaffirmation pledge, we can start the first post of a three-part series featuring the main characters from the amazing Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. In the Number One spot we have the title character, but of the movie, not the game in the movie!

Behold the Wreck-It-Ralph Funko Soda RALPH figure:

Ralph, our anti-hero, expresses frustration with his assigned role in his game. When he is excluded and ostracized from the game’s 30th anniversary party, he decides to win a medal and earn respect. Upon overhearing that one can earn medals in a first-person shooter called Hero’s Duty, Ralph sneaks in and steals one, which Vanellope promptly steals from him. Thus starts a beautiful friendship. Kind of.

Funko Soda produced 10,500 regular figures and 2,000 Chase figures for this character. I got the regular figure:

The thing I like about these Funko Soda figures over the regular Funko Pop! figures is that these ones have big feet. Yup. Big feet! It helps them to stay standing when you display them.

Ralph is voiced by John C. Reilly.

Ralph might be trying to look grumpy here, but I think I can see a little smirk. Maybe Vanellope just called him Captain Underpants again!

For a good look at the video game that gave Ralph his big break (see what I did there?) check out my Disney Movie Rewards premium: The Fix-It Felix Jr. Video Game Alarm Clock.


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The Lone Ranger Adventures LP Record

The Lone Ranger is a fictional masked adventurer and vigilante who was a former Texas Ranger. He fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend Tonto (most famously portrayed by Jay Silverheels). Perhaps the most famous portrayer of the character was by Clayton Moore on television. The masked man first appeared in 1933 in a radio show on WXYZ (Detroit).

The show was largely written by Fran Striker, who also pens the adventures you can hear on this LP record. It’s interesting that this character first appeared on radio, and was not adapted from a book series. The books came later.

Let’s start with the stunning cover art:

Unfortunately, I can’t find any information as to who painted this awesome cover artwork. This is the reason I was drawn to the record and purchased it. I have a large cassette collection of the original radio shows, and so don’t need any more episodes. But I just had to have this cover!

For the actually stories on this record, the Lone Ranger is voiced by Brace Beemer. Every episode would start with the now iconic introduction:


William Tell Overture, anyone? After that rousing giddy-up and go invitation, Adventure 1 and Adventure 2 give us standard good-guy fights bad-guy stories with the Lone Ranger winning in the end. I wish I could include one of the complete stories, but I try not to push the copyright laws that far!

Once the Lone Ranger and Tonto had won the day, with the Lone Ranger getting all of the credit, it was time for the hapless towns folk to wonder just who that Masked Man was. Or as in this case, simply to thank him (but not Tonto) and reflect on what they had learned:

Story Conclusion

Exciting, wot?

This compilation, a first in a presumed series, was released in the early 1960s. The back of the cover has many interesting facts about the character, the radio show, and the enduring legacy of the Lone Ranger. It’s worth enlarging for a read!

I featured the Lone Ranger in an earlier post with the publication called Nostalgia Digest back in 2014. It has a dynamic cover of Clayton Moore bursting off of the page! So why not return to those thrilling days of yesteryear and have a look!

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Disney’s Star Wars Fused Bead Kit by Perler

Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Would you like to distract your children for hours on end? Are you a glutten for punishment? Than this craft toy is for you and your family!

With only 4,500 beads to be potentially scattered around your home, this Disney’s Star Wars Fused Bead Kit by Perler is the perfect way to appease your machoistic tendencies:

Or if you’re like me, buy it for a family member who has young, irresponsible children, and let them know how you really feel about them! (Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!)

Perler is on a mission to fill as many homes with beads as they can. There’s no end to the beads, colours, and varieties of kits available. Once hooked, your child will beg for more, and you’ll beg for mercy! And receive none.

Once your child has created one of the 14 easy to follow patterns and created the character of their choice, you will have to iron the beaded masterpiece to fuse the beads together to make the piece permanent. Yes, you will be involved with this ‘toy’ in more ways than one.

After a few days interacting with your children and this kit, you will truly understand the Dark Side! And to add insult to injury, you will pay $26.99 CAN for the privilege.

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Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Disney Mickey & Friends

It’s time for another mystery on Disleelandia. What character will I get when I open my Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Disney Mickey and Friends box? Is anyone else annoyed that you have to buy 10 times the product you need just to get what you want? Just me? Okay.

I don’t usually get carried away with these blind boxes. Unless most of the characters are ones I would want in my collection, I’ll just move along and keep my money in my wallet. But for this assortment, as well as the Star Wars set, I would be happy with any of the offerings!

The packaging is quite fun and unique. I guess we have to mention the environmental impact of having a plastic outer wrapping over a hard plastic shell just to get a small rubbery ornament. As usual, our fun comes with some questionable costs!

As with the Star Wars Mystery Ornaments, there are three common figures (like my Minnie), three rare figures, and just one super rare figure.

The hard plastic container could be retained and used to house jewellery or other treasures, so maybe the use of so much plastic isn’t that bad. But if you don’t want to reuse it, you can’t really recycle it in most regions.

Minnie Mouse is out of the box and ready for her reveal:

Betty Boop gets a lot of heat for showing her panties in the old Shorts of the 1930s. But Minnie wasn’t shy about flashing some cotton-covered booty either! That aside, I like that this is a depiction of Minnie in her original look, yellow hat with flower and all. And she one-ups Betty by going topless!

What do you do with ornaments when you don’t celebrate most popular holidays?

Repurposing is a growing trend in our environmentally conscious society, and so my wife has found a new use for my Hallmark Mystery Ornaments.

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Vintage Disneyland Silver-Tone Icon Charm Bracelet

What do you get the woman that doesn’t have everything Disney and so could always use more? Well, you could hardly go wrong with a piece of Disneyland jewellery!

Let’s have a closer look at this vintage Disneyland Silver-Tone Icon Charm Bracelet:

I saw this on a selling site about a month ago and was hemming and hawing over it when the seller finally dropped the price. I took a swing and offered a tad lower than the new price and now it belongs to me! Actually, to my wife. But I have joint custody with visitation rights.

The closed box photographed as brown but it’s actually a very deep blue or black.

Research shows that this was likely sold in Disneyland during the 1960s. We know that it wouldn’t have been sold after 1997 as this was the last year to offer the Mike Fink Keel Boats. Of course, the copyright of Walt Disney Productions makes it pre-1987.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

I love the now-Retro logo for Disneyland merchandise as seen on the inside of the lid of the case for this charm bracelet:

Finding a vintage piece of merchandise like this is always exciting, but more so when it comes with the original display box!

Similar pieces of jewellry have sold recently online for $150.00 US. I paid significantly less than that because of the private sale.

My wife does have some more modern Disney-themed charms. You can see two of them by clicking on over to my earlier post entitled Pandora Disney Charms.

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Foodie Friday: Star Wars Striking Sketch Glasses

Even in a Galaxy far, far away, people gotta drink. In fact, in the Star Wars Universe, they drink quite a lot! Wouldn’t you if you’re entire life was described as a war? Make mine a double.

But these Star Wars Striking Sketch glasses are meant for weaker spirits:

Well, anyone using them could have a strong Spirit, but I meant pop. Soda. You know… mix. And while imbibing your favorite liquid courage, you can get a grip on a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, or C-3P0.

It would make sense that the Dark Side would drink a darker beverage like Coke or Pepsi, so would that mean that the Rebel Alliance has to drink Sprite or 7-UP?

These drinks must have been served on the planet Hoth. Look at all that ice!

JoyJolt was started in 2014 because a man named Martin Mittelman was on a mission to find high quality, contemporary shot glasses at an affordable price. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, Martin found his own glass facility and began producing a line of Italian style shot glasses. I mean, why not? His new product flew off the shelves, and JoyJolt was born. You’ll find many Disney related items on their site.

These Limited Edition drinking glasses can be yours for just $19.99 CAN.

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Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever Card Game

Disney Tsum Tsum, pronounced ‘Soom Soom’, is a range of Japanese stuffed toys based on Disney characters. The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu, which translates ‘to stack’. Indeed, these tiny little plush cuties are designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

The toys were first released in Japan in 2013 and later in the United States in July 2014. The floodgates of marketing had opened and soon we had not only plush, but plastic versions, keychains, and of course, the Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever Card Game:

I’ve included the rules below, but in a nutshell, this game is “a fast-paced race to stack matching Tsum Tsums! Pop the piles with bubble cards to score big, but be quick as every pile is up for grabs!”

I like to collect these games for the boards, play pieces, and cards. Bubble Fever has no shortage of cards! Here is the full selection of the standard playing Tsum Cards:

The last card, above right, is a Bubble Card. It has this design on both sides and is used to claim stacks of Tsum Cards.

Large Tsum Cards, below, are worth more points at the end of the game:

But it all begins with the Starter Cards:

Although this is a game for children of 6 and up, the rules are a bit complicated, and so it might take a few plays to get the hang of it for them. Up to 4 people can play and the claim is that it should only take about 10 minutes to complete a round. If you’ve ever spent time with a 6-year-old, you know that nothing gets finished in 10 minutes! So good luck with that.

The designer of this game is Forrest-Pruzan Creative and it was published by Wonder Forge. For more information about Bubble Fever, check out the game resource site Board Game Geek. You’ll even find a video review.

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