Orange Bird Florida Salt & Pepper Shakers

I am constantly amazed at what shows up in my little corner of the world! My small town in Canada is a 24-hour drive from Walt Disney World in Florida, but still I find many vintage Disney souvenirs popping up on local selling sites. Like these Orange Bird Florida salt & pepper shakers.

The Orange Bird is a rare bird, so to speak, in that it wasn’t very popular when it was first released. It was designed to be a marketing tie-in, almost a throwaway character, intended to appease a corporate sponsor within the Theme Park environment. That said, he did manage to spawn a merchandise line that has been restarted in spades in the modern day.

But we are going back to the 1970s or possibly the early 1980s for a look at a wonderful pair of little collectibles:

The Florida Citrus Commission wanted a mascot to entice Theme Park guests to visit their corner of the Magic Kingdom. This rather literal interpretation of an Orange bird fit the bill. Cute he was, is, and will continue to be!

Most salt & pepper shakers will have a different number of holes in the top for each spice. I believe it is customary to put the pepper in the shaker with less holes, and the salt in the one with more holes. But these shakers are identical.

This could be for one of two reasons. First, perhaps I have two of the same shaker, and not an actual set. So in this case, I would have two salt shakers. I do have another set of Disney-themed shakers that are the exact shape as these ones, and they too have the same image on both, but… six holes in one shaker and only four in the other. Second, Disney licensees don’t always produce merchandise with consistency. Year to year they may change designs for no apparent reason.

A quick look on the Internet has solved the quandary: There is an Orange Bird shaker out there with only four holes. So I have two salt shakers. I guess there will be none of that strong black spice for me! It’s worth noting that this happens with salt & pepper shakers quite often. Sellers will mix and match to make a set. The moral: Always count the holes!

This set also came with no plastic stoppers in the bottom, but the Japan sticker was still affixed to one of the shakers. This is customary, both shakers won’t have the sticker. I took the plastic stoppers from my other identically shaped set because I like the Orange Bird better! Yes, I play favorites amongst my collection.

This exact image appears on a bell, a plate (both of which I have), and likely just about every other kind of ceramic souvenir Disney could slap it on! I will not rest until I own them all.

Below is a look at how these shakers would have been packaged for sale:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Orange Bird Salt & Salt Shakers!

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Collectible Mickey Mouse Watch Tins

Not all Disney timepieces come in a collectible Mickey Mouse watch tin, but I’d say that the best ones do!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if the watch is the true collectible or the tin:

Patterned after the now-famous Mouse Ears hat, this Mickey Mouse Club watch tin is cool on multiple fronts. Although replica merchandise, it still evokes the nostalgia for the best days of Disney!

At first it just looks like Mickey is on his own, but a closer look reveals images of the main cast of characters from 1928 and soon after.

This souvenir tin came with the release of a watch that commemorated the 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse (2003). I like the line images of Mickey in the background.

Most of these tins were released to make the watches within more desirable. The timepieces themselves weren’t of particular quality or value, but coupled with the tin, did make nice keepsakes.

For more tin fun, but this time with the purpose of carrying candy, check out our earlier post entitled Walt Disney World Collectible Taffy Tin.

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Cinderella Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set

At last it’s time for a last looky-loo at one of Disney’s most successful schemes to get our money: The Cinderella Special Edition Collector’s Gift Set (2005). Yes, it’s everything you had done without for so long but couldn’t be without for a moment longer!

If you haven’t already checked out the Aladdin edition of these sets, give it a look. And then get ready to do a deep dive into the world of Cinderella:

Box Cover Sleeve

I believe all of these sets came with a paper band designed to be used to keep all of the separate items in the box after you removed the plastic wrap.

Yes, folks, you get all that you see! A box to keep it all in? Check. The obligatory Platinum Edition DVD you already have? Check. A hardcover book? Check. And a set of exclusive lithographs with pretty pictures on them? Double check.

Contents of Platinum Edition DVD

I’ve said it before but I will say it again: These Platinum Edition DVDs were, are, and will forever be worth it! In a time where Disney is releasing Blu-ray special editions with less extras than the old regular DVDs used to have, these ultra-stuffed 2-disc sets still provide astounding value!

This 160-page hardcover book has many fun facts, behind the scenes exposés, and a second section with a picture-book version of the movie. For me, any movie released with a companion book earns a space on my movie shelf!

And now, please brace yourself, as grown men have been known to gape and many a woman has swooned at the sheer magnificence of the lithographic print reproductions of original portrait drawings featuring all of the favorite characters from Cinderella! Are you ready to brave them? Then scroll on:

Still with us? Well, if those beautiful images didn’t send you into a fit of joy, then prepare to behold Disney’s ace in the hole. Disney’s last ditch effort to get more people to buy these sets. I give you: The Senitype (that’s copyrighted, you know!):

Well bippity and bop my boo, that is amazing! I’ll buy two sets!

I hope you are as blown away by the amount of effort that went into creating these sets as I am. I wish Disney was still focusing on this division of its retail arm as it did some 20 years ago! I fear we will never see such effort lavished on a simple DVD, or Blu-ray, release again, what with the digital download taking over the segment.

From what I can find with the research I’ve done, it appears that Disney only did three of these Collector’s DVD Gift Sets. That would imply that sales weren’t exactly stellar. Maybe other Disney fans had more sense than me and just made do with their Platinum Editions!

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Disney Hidden Mickey Ring Light w/Phone Holder

You’re so vain! You probably think this post is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?” I think that’s how the song lyric went. Probably close enough! But for sure there are many many people who think that the whole world is enamored with their lives. Influencers are notorious for using every trick in the digital book to look better, brighter, more beautiful than the competition.

And how might they achieve this, you ask? Why, by using a Disney Hidden Mickey ring light with built-in phone holder:

“Alright, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my close up.”

I admit I do create content for YouTube occasionally. However, what I produce will never influence anyone! I haven’t used one of these ring lights yet, but I do own a larger version. Will it make me look better? No. But I have to at least try, right?

One day while shopping at my local grocery store, I saw this on the shelf:

Apparently, not a big seller

I had just bought the bigger, generic, version, so definitely didn’t need it. But it was on sale and in the shape of my favorite mouse, so…

Once I got it home, I broke it out of the box:


Compact and made to sit on a desk or table. This would be great for someone who wanted to sit during their presentation.

The instructions are included but sparse. Although really, just how much instruction does one need on how to operate what is basically… a lamp.

All Set Up

I’m not sure that I will get much use out of this for it’s intended purpose. But it will sit in my office as a thematic decoration.

Like most of these products, the light has variable intensity settings and three different colours, as seen below:

My larger generic version came with a remote control that will link to your Smartphone, which sits in the holder at the center of Mickey’s ‘head’, through Bluetooth. This makes it possible to operate the camera and video functions from a distance. I can use it with this smaller ring light as well, as it doesn’t link to the light itself.

Back of Box

This is a wonderful little gadget perfect for the Disney content provider, whether it be on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platform.

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Vintage Disney Circus Square Glass Ceiling Light Shade

Always look up. That has always been good advice as you never know what might be coming down! But for the Disney collector, sometimes we look up to find yet another treasure, like this vintage Disney Circus square glass ceiling light shade.

It has some interesting graphics but with a bit of a thematic problem. Let’s have a look:

Minnie Mouse: She has multi-coloured bubbles and a big blue star in a thought bubble floating near her. She seems to be looking at the word ‘Circus’. The thematic problem is that there isn’t really a lot of circus stuff going on with this light shade!

Mickey Mouse: Now we see a smaller red star floating over his head (?) and he is hiding a party hat and blue balloon behind his back while looking at the word ‘Circus’. I’m not sure these mice know just what a Circus is!

Donald Duck: Our fowl protagonist gets an antique camera. Again, I’m not getting the ‘Circus’ tie-in. He appears to be taking a picture of Pluto, who…

Pluto: Finally has something that could be related to a ‘Circus’. A big batch of helium Balloons!

If you’re going to sell a light shade that purports to have a Circus theme, why not have the characters dressed as clowns, or doing traditional circus-type things, like tight rope walking? Or here’s an idea: Have Dumbo on the thing. His whole movie was literally about a Circus!

The copyright is Walt Disney Productions so this shade was sold before 1987.

FUN FACTS: Philip Astley is credited as the father of the modern circus. In 1768, Astley, a skilled equestrian, began performing exhibitions of trick horse riding in an open field. In 1770, he hired acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and a clown to fill in the pauses between the equestrian demonstrations. And the rest… is history!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tapestry Wall Hanging

I have fond memories of our first few trips to Walt Disney World in Florida starting in 2006. It was a simpler time with less need for planning and reservations when one could spend time just taking it all in! It’s not that way now, so I tend to look back on those times through the merchandise we purchased as souvenirs.

One of the biggest and most expensive items we ever bought was this huge Disney’s Animal Kingdom tapestry (now a wall hanging) that I believe we picked up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Measuring in at approximately 45″ x 65″, not including the fringe, this takes up a lot of real estate in our home! So to display it, I installed grommets along the top and used leather strips to hang it from a bamboo pole. It’s hung in our home now for about 15 years!

The original intention for such a large linen product would have been for a bed spread or furniture throw. But I wanted to see it!

Tree of Life w/Animals

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has two main geographical areas: Africa and Asia. Of course, the center piece of the whole Park is the Tree of Life on Discovery Island. The Tree of Life, the park’s sculpted, man-made baobab tree, is surrounded by trails and animal enclosures. But perhaps its most dominant feature comes from the many animals carved into the trunk and limbs of the tree! The tapestry gives a hint of the majesty it exudes.

The park opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998, and was the fourth theme park built at the resort.


The Africa section of the Park is set in the fictional east African port village of Harambe, and there is much to see if you wander in that direction! Adjacent to this area is the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, where visitors can trek into the forest featuring animals native to Africa. The tapestry does a nice job of depicting what you can find while riding the attraction, Kilimanjaro Safaris.


The Asia area is set in the fictional kingdom of Anandapur (which means “Place of many delights” in Sanskrit). The Maharajah Jungle Trek leads guests through the forests and ruins outside the village, which are home to species native to Asia. Some of the ruins along these paths can also be seen in the tapestry above.

We have other Disney-themed tapestries but only this one has a place of honor in our home!

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Mickey Unlimited Winnie the Pooh Necklace Watch

If there’s an unusual watch out there, I’ll find it! I have a Winnie the Pooh Finger Watch, after all. But this post features it’s cousin, the Mickey Unlimited Winnie the Pooh Necklace Watch.

Before we get into the watch itself, let’s have a look as it’s worn:

“Oh, bother!”

Pooh is face deep in a honey pot as a swarm of bees fly around and around him (indicating the passing of the seconds). There is a minute and an hour hand but no numbers 5, 6, or 7. Apparently, Pooh has sat on them!

I have the original box base but have lost the lid. But I do still have the instructional booklet that came with it:

The Mickey Unlimited line offers much more than watches and jewellery. It is a rather vast line of fashion items and accessories.

Made by Verichron with Quartz and Japan Movement. The only company with the name of Verichron that I could find was one that was the trade name for home and decorative weather instruments marketed by the Harris & Mallow Clock Company. They had a factory in Howell, New Jersey and were in business around the 1960s-1980s. Did they make watches after that time? Maybe.

Do you need to tell time when you’re a silly old bear? Give that a thunk, won’t you?

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Photo Spot: The Shadow of Godzilla Just a’Chilla

You just never know what, or whom, is lurking around your humble abode! I was in my kitchen looking for a snack when I found something quite terrifying instead:

“What shall I stomp on today?”

It’s a good thing I hadn’t started to drink my beloved Coke Zero yet, as I would have spit it out all over myself! Godzilla must have been stomping around just outside my kitchen window, and I didn’t even hear him!

Well, when I got my wits about me and changed my shorts, I realized it was just a case of mistaken shadow identity. In truth, it was none other than:

The funs over when the sun goes down!

Yes, it was only José Carioca from The Three Caballeros. Whew! At most, he would only hit me over the head with his umbrella.

Has your imagination ever run wild with you?

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Aladdin Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set

And we’re back with another item from the wonderful minds of Disney marketing that you just didn’t know you needed until you knew you needed it: the Aladdin Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set (2004).

I’ve shared my Lion King set in an earlier post. But now it’s time to take a magic carpet ride to find a diamond that is definitely not in the rough:

Box Cover Sleeve

These sets sold for approximately twice the price of the Platinum Edition 2-disc DVDs. When you think about it, that’s a pretty good deal when you get, what? A box cover. Check. And what else did you get? The Platinum Edition 2-disc set you already paid extra money for? Check. A 160-page book? Check. A pack of lithographs featuring actual reproductions of pencil drawings of Aladdin characters? Check. And the deal clincher: The copyrighted wonder that is The Senitype? Double check.

Oh, just look at all of that paper! There’s a bit of circular plastic too.

Contents of Platinum Edition DVD

Even if you just stayed with your already overplayed Platinum Edition DVD, you would be in sandy heaven! The extras on this series of releases was second to none.

The book is divided into a behind-the-scenes look at the movie with a follow up of the story presented in storybook form.

You know what’s better than a book? Pictures!

And now it’s time to view the greatest thing since the Back Side of Water, except in the desert, where there is no water: I give you… The Senitype.

It’s definitely a brave new world when you can own your very own reproduction of a cell from the movie that’s not actually a cell from the movie but is basically a copy of a scene from the movie without really being lifted directly from it. Well, do your friends have one? I didn’t think so. So, it’s awesome!

There’s just one more of these boxy wonders in my collection, the Cinderella Set. Check it out!

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The Orange Bird Long-Play Record w/Anita Bryant

Much could be shared about The Orange Bird, but rather than rehash the main points, please see my earlier post entitled Walt Disney’s Orange Bird Pin on Card, it will bring you up to speed.

This post focuses on the Orange Bird long-play record with Anita Bryant. Although it is the size of a 45 single, it plays at the 33 1/3 RPM speed. This allows it to play four complete songs, two per side.

The cover features a scene from the lyrics to the second song on Side 1 entitled Sing All Day. All of the songs were written by Richard and Robert Sherman, the famous songwriting duo with the long history of producing some of the most memorable music for many of Disney’s projects.

Disneyland Records released this EP, as we’ll call it, in 1972. Below is an excerpt from the title track called The Orange Bird Song:

The Orange Bird SongAnita Bryant

I bought this item for the cover art and to add it to my growing Orange Bird collection. Unfortunately, the record itself is badly scratched, as I’m sure you could clearly hear!

Anita Bryant is a hot topic. She was the Spokesperson for the Florida Citrus Commission for many years which lead to her involvement with Disney and the Little Orange Bird. At the time, she was involved with many other promotions such as Coca-Cola and even toured with Bob Hope’s USO group in 1965. But her political views ended all of that and turned the world against her!

Be that as it may, she is the singer on this record and so here is another song about the life and times of the Little Orange Bird:

I’ll Fly the Sky-WayAnita Bryant

The songs aren’t as good as other work done by the Sherman Brothers, but they are fun and light. It’s obvious they were meant to promote a product and not to stand the test of time.

Back of Cover Sleeve

The back cover is a pretty generic gathering of the Disney characters except for the inclusion of the Orange Bird. It is likely that this was a collage put together from stock images of each character in an iconic pose with the Orange Bird placed in. It’s his record, after all!

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