Disney Time Works Mickey Mouse Mantle Clock

Of course, it will have to be a very, very, very, very, small mantle! This Mantle Clock would probably fit best in Barbie’s Malibu Dream Home. Barbie is technically ‘Disney’ now, right? Well, if not, she can still rock the Mickey décor!

It may be small, but it’s big on cuteness:

Mini Mickey

Pictures are often misleading. The clock looks big in the image above, but it’s actually only two and a half inches tall.

Although it looks like gold, I would surmise this is gold in colour only. The lacquer is wearing off a bit. But still a nice little piece to display.

Felt Bottom

The bottom has a felt pad. The object itself is quite heavy for something so small. So the felt would protect any surface it was placed upon.

Close Up of Back

This piece is part of the Disney Time Works collection. I looked on the Internet to see if I could find other examples of such miniature clocks from the collection, and found this:

Note that the top is pretty much identical to mine but with the addition of the base and pendulum. Great! Now there is something else I have to hunt down to add to my collection!

There were a few other pieces that looked interesting, so if you’re into miniatures, there are quite a few options out there! And there is one unique option right here on the blog: Disney’s Animal Kingdom BIG DIG Clock. But it’s not for sale! And it’s not miniature, just smallish.

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Hallmark Mickey Mouse ‘T-shirt on a Rack’ Ornament

Sometimes the smallest things can give you the biggest kick! I just love this 4″ high ornament from Hallmark.

I just wish it was my size!

This was released in 2007 likely as part of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collection.

It may not be the T-shirt itself that I love so much as the funny clothing rack it’s displayed on. I want a life-sized version for my collection of t-shirts!

The bottom of the ornament is stamped with the year and the producer.

The best thing about this type of collectible is that it doesn’t take up much shelf space but becomes a great conversation starter when fellow Disney collectors come for a visit!

For another Mickey-themed ornament from Hallmark, check out the earlier post entitled Born to Ride.

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Vintage Mickey Mouse Bicycle Horn

Your bicycle is only as good as the accessories it holds. But that’s just my opinion. However, I think you will agree that every bike should have this accessory:

On your bike, Mate!

Yes, who wouldn’t jump out of your road when they hear the mighty roar, or squeak, of the one-and-only Mickey Mouse! Of course, they would probably jump out of your road anyway once they noticed you were heading right at them! But the horn just adds that extra touch of drama to any near-collision, don’t you think?

No matter which way you go, Mickey will lead and clear the way. And he does it in dapper style as he rocks a red bowtie!

You can see the simple clamp mechanism (upper, right) that makes it easy to affix this bike horn to any set of handlebars.

Cover your ears!

Okay, by now you must be busting to hear the mighty yell of our rubber Mickey Mouse! So get ready and prepare to be… amazed?

Allow extra time for your hapless pedestrian to get out of the way. They’ll probably waste precious seconds laughing that they should be using to avoid you. Happy cycling!

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Adorable Mickey Mouse Vaudeville Plush

A search of the Internet didn’t turn up this little vintage plush. It has a corduroy-type fabric for the main body with a thin felt material for the clothing. The stuffing seems to be a sawdust of some kind (wood by-product according to the label). All of these facts lead me to believe it is of an earlier vintage.

We’ll try to better pinpoint a date of manufacture a little later. But for now, let’s have a look at what all the fuss is about:

Is he waving, dancing, or exercising?

Mickey wears a hat like this one in the Short entitled The Little Whirlwind (1941). He wore a more complete outfit akin to this one in the Short entitled The Nifty Nineties (also 1941, below).

Of course, the colours are wrong, but the style is close.

My research won’t turn up a Short where Mickey wears this exact outfit. Although I do seem to remember a scene where Mickey is walking with a bunch of flowers to pick up Minnie for a date and my memory puts him in a yellow suit. But I can’t find any evidence to back that up. So instead I’ll go with that Mickey is clothed in a style closer to the old Vaudeville entertainers of the early 1900’s.

Well, at least the hat is the same!

Bottoms Up!

The tag lists Walt Disney Productions, which dates the plush to before 1986, when this copyright ceased to be used. The fact that it doesn’t have Disney Parks on the tag likely means it predates at least Walt Disney World in 1971. The fact that it is Made in Japan also alludes to an earlier manufacture as later products were made in China and other countries. Finally, the fabrics, mentioned at the outset, definitely age the piece. As does Mickey’s facial look.

So a definitive date would be, or a somewhat educated guess would be… the 1950’s?

Whenever it came into existence, I’m glad it came into my collection!

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Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Pen Collection

I mentioned this collectible in an earlier post. I got it by redeeming points I had accumulated in the Disney Movie Rewards program. It may have been a promotional item for the latest animated Winnie the Pooh movie that was to come out in 2011.

It consists of one Hunny pot and four character pens:

The pot itself is quite heavy to ensure that the pens are held upright. It could be used as a paper weight. Does anyone use those anymore? Does anyone use paper anymore?

The back side (hmmm, sounds like ‘Backson’) has the oft misspelled word ‘Hunny’. But no matter how you spell it, a smackerel of honey is never a bad thing!

Now let’s get the usual suspects in the lineup for a closer look:

The pens have no ‘clicker’ on top to extend the nib (more on that later). Instead, they have a special, and fun, feature:

That’s gotta hurt!

“Well, the wonderful thing about Tiggers, is that Tiggers are wonderful things! Their bottoms are made out of ink, and their heads sit upon springs!” That’s how it goes, right?

To use the pens, you just remove the plastic cap. No need for an actuator of any kind.

To see the earlier post with a similar theme (although pencils, not pens, are utilized) you can click here! You’ll be UPlifted (hint hint).

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Safari Winnie the Pooh WDW Plush

There I was! In the dangerous wilds of my local Charity Shop. Dozens of crazed bargain hunters all around me. But I kept my cool. Focusing on the mission: Find Disney collectables and ‘rescue’ them from certain death… or at least, from being forgotten. I needed new items for my expanding Disneyana collection. I needed new items to feature on my blog!

Bleary-eyed. Almost giving up hope. But then I found… the BIG ONE!

Just look at the SIZE of that bear!

It seemed that he, Safari Winnie the Pooh, was also searching that day! We found each other. And he followed me home.

Did I mention that he was a BIG bear? He is a whopping 20″ high, and that’s sitting down!

It seems Pooh had survived his harrowing experience at the Charity Shop by staying hydrated with sweet water from his stylish and monogrammed canteen. When I asked how long the silly old bear had been there, he didn’t know. So I gave him a beautiful Mickey Mouse watch so that he would never again lose track of the time.

The only tag

I thought that perhaps, like Paddington Bear, he might have a note, label, or tag, attached to him that would explain how he came to be at the Charity Shop. But alas, only one tag could I find, and all it said was ‘Walt Disney World’. A magical place thousands of miles away from where I found Pooh! How did he come to travel so far? Who brought him? And why did they drop him off and leave him without so much as a hug goodbye? We may never know the answers to those questions or to the strange ways of humans.

The whole affair reminded me of another time that I came across an inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood. You can read about that occasion by clicking this link to a previous post entitled Adorable Plush Eeyore.

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Backpacking Mickey Phone by Tyco

Okay, Mouseketeers! It’s time for a five-mile hike. So get your 1984 Motorola Dynatac 8000X cell phones (you remember how big those were, right?), throw them on your back for use as a weighted backpack, and let’s hit the trail! And by ‘let us’ I mean ‘you’. I’ll be on my sofa.

While you’re getting ready, doing stretches and what-not, have a look at Mickey. He is ready to go with Tyco! Tyco has a long history of toy manufacturing. It all started in the 1920’s but ended when they were bought out by Mattel on March 27, 1997. But before that happened, Tyco purchased the Illco Toy Company, in 1992. We saw an Illco toy on this site not long ago (just a little side point here).

One of the most popular products Tyco produced was this fun little Backpacking Mickey Phone:

Ready for a Hike!

Mickey gives us the Thumbs Up! for hiking adventure. Again, I’ll be on the sofa.

This phone has no animation, although at first I thought it did, as his left arm (with the ‘thumbs up’) moved slightly. But after a closer inspection, I found no plug-in ports or battery compartments to facilitate movement of any kind. There also weren’t any special speech or ring-tone settings.

Let’s lighten his load

By removing the receiver we find the maker stamp; that it was manufactured in Hong Kong; by the Walt Disney Company.

The Mickey base has no function. The entire mechanics and circuitry of the unit is in the hand-held receiver. It plugs into the phone jack directly and merely hangs on Mickey’s back. This is likely why there are no animation/speech functions. So Mickey is just there for his dashing good looks! Much like me, wherever I go.

For a nice overview of my Disney-themed phone collection, please check out the earlier post entitled, you guessed it: Disney-themed Telephone Collection. From Minnie to a Dalmatian pup, and including little rubber toy Mickey phones, it doesn’t have it all… but close to it!

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Mickey Mouse as A VENDOR – Moving Toys

Take a seat, kids, this is going to be a longer one! But don’t worry, if you supply the drinks, I’ll supply the snacks! Well, not me exactly, but Mickey Mouse will serve up some popped corn, burgers, fries, and a soda. Oh, and he’ll even throw in a flower for your best girl!

I have three different vending-themed toys to show you today, complete with a video showing them in action. So without further ado, and because I’m a wee bit peckish, let’s flag them down and do some business:

Ready for Business

Mickey has always been industrious. With his pals Donald and Goofy, he’s been everything from a window washer to a clock cleaner, and just about everything else too! But first, let’s see him work his route as a Corn Popper vendor:

This moving toy was made by the illco company. It has ‘bump and go’ action (which means when he hits something, he can turn and keep going), is musical (see video below and make your own evaluation of that feature), and has balls that pop up and down as Mickey moves back and forth. This is a battery operated toy with an on/off switch that controls the action.

A view of the bottom of this toy shows the circular disc with wheels that controls the unique turning feature. Mickey can swerve as he moves forwards and backwards (again, see video below). These three toys have different movement paths. The one above is erratic in its movements.

Next, Mickey stays with the vending industry but changes his wares to… flowers:

Flower Vendor

Note the ‘Hidden Mickey’ motif on the vehicle. This is a wind-up toy. Mickey now moves only in a small circle.

This toy has no manufacturing details stamped on it but it does say it was sold by the Disney Store.

That’s one happy flower!

Now it’s time for that snack I promised earlier. Mickey is now a food vendor serving up a standard fare of American favorites:

You can tell that this toy has some similarities to the last one shown above. But this one has a friction mechanism for propulsion. You have to pull Mickey backwards and then let him go. And boy does he go! But now, only in a straight line. Again, be sure to watch the short video below to see for yourself.

Not surprisingly, this toy is also a Disney Store exclusive. And note this toy also has a ‘Hidden Mickey’ motif.

What, no hotdogs? Oh well, at least the burger has cheese!

Now if you’re ready, it’s time to see all three of these little guys in action! But be warned: Mickey’s Corn Popper has music that makes the ‘It’s a Small World’ song seem like a pleasing Sonnet. You are warned:

So how did you like that? I bet it’ll take a while to get that Mickey’s Corn Popper tune out of your head!

FUN FACTS: In North America, Mickey would be referred to as a Vendor for selling his wares in such a manner. In Europe, the term for a street entertainer is ‘Busker’. I thought that this term also fit these toys as Mickey isn’t just selling from these ‘carts’, but also entertaining as he careens around and plays his music. What do you think? Is Mickey a ‘Vendor’ or a ‘Busker’?

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Disney Character Fashions Donald Duck Baseball Cap

Wearing a goofy hat at a Disney Park is almost a rite of passage for any Disney fan. The weirder the better! I have an actual Goofy hat, buck teeth with ears and all, that I wear without shame or embarrassment. In the Parks. But I don’t think many of us come home and then wear these unique head toppers to the local grocery store!

Can you imagine walking into your local Costco wearing this:

The Ugly Duckling’s Cousin?!?

Okay, although Donald may not be a real looker, he isn’t ugly. Sorry Mr. Duck! It’s lucky for me that he appears to have a smile on his bill. He must be in a good mood.

If you wear this hat, you should be aware that you are wearing a hat that is wearing a hat. Yup. That’s weird. Of course, you could make it weirder by wearing a hat and then putting this hat that is wearing a hat over that hat so that you’d be wearing three hats. Yes. You could. But I wouldn’t.

Donald looks a little freakier when you look inside the cap and see his eyes, or the back of his eyes, looking back at you! Spooky! This Dapper Drake’s chapeau was released as part of the Disney Character Fashions line. It could be from the 1980’s according to a bit of research done on the all-knowing Internet.

The manufacturer is labeled as Animated Products Inc. of Raleigh, NC. I can’t find them on the Web now but did find a similar supplier who is currently handling Disney along with other IP’s. They are called Animated Apparel Co. and are obviously a newer enterprise. But you may enjoy what they have to offer!

Okay, he does have a striking profile!

Would you wear this Fowl Fedora in public?

FUN FACTS: A duck brain is divided into two halves. In Donald’s case, that would be ‘calm’ and ‘angry’. But for every other duck, this means that one half of the brain can rest while the other half stays alert. The only time a duck rests both sides of its brain at the same time is when it feels safe within a flock. And now you are a Professor of Quackology.

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View-Master Disney Theme Park Stereo Picture Reels

One of the most inexpensive ways to remember your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World was the purchase of View-Master stereo picture reels. Especially if you didn’t own a camera!

The View-Master system was introduced in 1939, four years after the advent of Kodachrome color film made the use of small high-quality photographic color images practical. Tourist attraction and travel views predominated in View-Master’s early lists of reels, most of which were meant to be interesting to users of all ages.

Disney wasted no time licensing its Theme Parks and characters for our 3D pleasure! Which is good for those of us who need a fix between visits!

Front of Package

Neither of the two sets I’m sharing today came with a booklet. Some did have a 16-page insert detailing the contents, but this was usually if the subject matter was more of a story, like the Sleeping Beauty set I also have.

These reels contain views of various rides and attractions that one would have found around the Park. It makes a nice time capsule to look back on as old attractions become extinct.

And now we switch coasts and Parks:

Front of Package

We are now looking in on a pool of dangerous hippos and elephants. So please, sit still and don’t rock the blog! These huge creatures are quite curious and could easily upset our website. So please, don’t do anything that might attract them! Like clicking the lever on your View-Master Viewer:

Phew! That was close! Thank you for cooperating. We can now continue…

It’s fun to look at the list of attractions and see which ones you’ve ridden and which ones are now gone. Fun, and a little sad!

Some day I hope to perfect a way to successfully film the images on these reels.

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