The Legacy Collection Pocahontas CD Set

Hitting the back stretch for this series with number eleven, The Legacy Collection: Pocahontas, released on August 7, 2015, as a two-disc album to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the movie. The release includes the film’s complete original soundtrack and five demo recordings.

This CD set is not as comprehensive as most of the other ones. It might be indicative of the movies place in the hearts of Disney fans. There was a span of many years when Disney animated films didn’t do too well at the Box Office. Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and others, failed to reach the heights of titles that would later become part of the so-called Disney Renaissance.

That being said, Pocahontas still has her admirers. If you are one of them, then let the haters hate, because this post is for you!

As said, the text for this set is not as detailed as with other offerings in the series, but you should enjoy the Production Notes anyway. So here they are:

Next we have some pages about the Music. I don’t think this film created many memorable classics other than its signature tune Colors of the Wind, but you may feel otherwise. Check out the following pages for lyrics to most of the main tunes:

By now, you’ve probably noticed that this isn’t my favorite Disney movie. I’m not a hater, but I’m certainly not a lover. But I did find an interesting song to add to this post:

Different DrummerDemo Excerpt

Well written and performed but a bit repetitive on the theme of a Princess being dissatisfied with her parents expectations or her lot in life. Will we ever find a Disney protagonist who likes their life?

As always, the Concept Art is a standout feature of these sets! It is interesting to see how the characters changed during production:

I gotta say, I would have been interested in the turkey and otter characters! Especially the turkey, although, I doubt he would have had a fulfilling story ark… unless it involved stuffing.

With only the original soundtrack and five demo recordings, again, this set is a bit sparse on the content. But it is what it is and I only bought it to complete my set of fifteen Legacy collections. It does accomplish that!

FUN FACTS: The original artwork used to pitch the project depicted Pocahontas as a younger Indian girl who looked a lot like Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. You can see the image at the end of the Music section above.

If you want to see more of these Legacy Collection CD sets, please enter ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this site.

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The Rescuers ‘Bernard’ McDonalds Ornament

The Rescuers Down Under (Australia, that is!) is the 29th Disney animated feature film, and the sequel to the 1977 film The Rescuers, which was based on the novels by Margery Sharp. You can read a review of the original book here.

This Bernard ornament was released by McDonalds to promote the 1990 film:

Looking happier than he ever did in either film!

Bob Newhart did a wonderful job of voicing this reluctant hero! His signature stammer and hesitative style was perfect for the character.

Can you hug yourself?

In this case, the packaging was almost as special as the ornament! Check out the box that the standard ‘character-in-a-bag’ toy came in:

Original Packaging

You can find many images of the other characters and the packaging they came in. The boxes would make a great display for any Disney fan! I paid just one American dollar for Bernard without his box.

And now we’ve come to the end of another post. Don’t want to stop scrolling?

For another McDonalds promotional product, check out my Rescuers Pepsi-Cola Glass, or if edibles are more your speed, check out my Rescuers Lunch Box. Either way, you’re sure to be filled up and refreshed!

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The Legacy Collection Robin Hood CD Set

Coming in near the end of the run at number 13 is The Legacy Collection: Robin Hood CD set. It was released on August 4, 2017, as a two-disc soundtrack album. The album features the complete original soundtrack from Robin Hood, released for the first time in its entirety. The album also includes five unreleased demos and the full 1974 album, Let’s Hear It for Robin Hood.

Again, while most of these sets were released on the anniversary of the film, this one was not. But we can remember that the entire Legacy Collection of music was released to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland (2015), even though they appeared on shelves between 2014 and 2021.

The Production Notes are informative as always with some fun facts and very detailed biographies of the voice talent:

We are treated to five separate pages about the Music in this set. The history of the lost songs from an earlier version of the film is given along with the lyrics of the most popular songs from the finished product:

As always, my favorite section is the Concept Art:

This is a 2-disc set with perhaps the most demo tracks of any other release in the collection:

If you weren’t already in love with the music from this film you will be after hearing the stuff they didn’t use! And because of stuff like this:

Friar TuckLouis Prima

Again, this track was from the 1974 album, Let’s Hear It for Robin Hood. It featured eight songs by the great Louis Prima (King Louie from The Jungle Book).

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this film any more than I already did, along comes this CD set. Some days it’s just plain good to be a fan of Disney animation!

And “that’s telling it like it is… or was… or whatever!”

If you want to see more of these Legacy Collection CD sets, please enter ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this site.

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Book Review: How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

Publisher: Atria Paperback / Simon & Schuster

Year: 2019 (1978)

Pages: 160

Type: Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-9821-3013-8 (First Edition)

…the one book that Marvel fans everywhere always ask for.” – Stan Lee

I’ve wanted a copy of this book for a long time. But original printings from 1978, or later reprints, are sought after and expensive. And fairly hard to find. So when I saw this paperback edition for just $5.00 US at a flea market, I snapped it up!

As one might expect given the books main writer, Stan Lee, the pages are filled with humor and twit… er, wit. True Believers of the Marvel method for making comic books will enjoy how the information is presented.

For an example of the humor, check out the Dedication page:

The book is broken up into twelve chapters. They are as follows:

CHAPTER ONE – The Tools and the Talk of the Trade

Obviously, the tools you will need like pencils and illustration paper are laid out for you, and shown in picture form. Then you are given a crash course in comic book terminology, like ‘blurb’ and ‘thought balloon’ and ‘caption’. Next comic book panels are shown with more terminology describing the type of image being used, like ‘close-ups’ and ‘bird’s-eye view’.

Before we go on, I’d just like to share a side-by-side comparison of the above picture with a photograph taken of me when I was in my early 20s. It was taken for publication in the Campbellford Herald newspaper when I was hired on to do the artwork for the advertising department:

I thought the similarity was amusing! Okay, back to the review:

CHAPTER TWO – The Secrets of Form, Making an Object Look Real

In a nutshell, all you have to do is use simple geometric shapes and then flesh them out with detail and shading to create recognizable objects or characters.

CHAPTER THREE – The Power of Perspective

This is an informative lesson on grids and vanishing points and how they relate to making objects appear to recede into the distance or characters to appear like they are leaping off of the page.

CHAPTER FOUR – Let’s Study the Figure

This chapter reveals a basic premise every artist must know when drawing a human figure: That the average person is just over 6 heads tall, but the hero is nine heads tall and the average heroine is about eight heads tall. Also, the use of circles in creating the human form is discussed.

CHAPTER FIVE – Let’s Draw the Figure

No joke, you start with a stick figure! Then you build a body around the frame. Next, you flesh out the form. Keep in mind that this book was originally produced in 1978, so some of the ideas are definitely from that time and mindset. Artwork was highly exaggerated whereas now artists are using a more subtle approach, leaning towards ultra realism. Times, and styles, do change!

CHAPTER SIX – The Name of the Game is Action

Now doesn’t that look dynamic? From exaggerated action to using center lines to define the action of your figure, this chapter will make your drawings leap off the page!

CHAPTER SEVEN – Foreshortening, the Knack of Drawing the Figure in Perspective

Here’s where you start to combine what you’ve learned thus far. Now you use block figures with those vanishing point lines you used in Chapter Three. Foreshortening is the key!

CHAPTER EIGHT – Drawing the Human Head

Believe it or not, you start with a square. Not your drawing partner, an actual square shape! Information and mathematics are used to determine how wide a face is and how far apart eyes should be. Eyes, lips, and noses are also covered.

CHAPTER NINE – Composition

Composition involves both layout and design which are required to make a comic book panel interesting and easy to understand.

Note the image below. The page on the left is drawn without much thought to composition, while the page on the right redraws the scenes with composition foremost in mind:

CHAPTER TEN – Draw Your Own Comic Book Page

To do this, you follow a three-step process: First, you do a rough draft of the images you want. Stick figures suffice for this stage. Second, you build your figures on those stick figures. Third, you flesh out the characters. Easy, yes? Don’t worry, the book walks you through several tries!

CHAPTER ELEVEN – The Comic Book Cover

The cover must catch a readers eye and intrigue them enough that they buy the comic book. This is why many titles employ different more experienced artists to do the covers over the interior artist.

CHAPTER TWELVE – The Art of Inking

Pointillism, cross-hatching, and featuring are all techniques used by the accomplished inker. Using solid blacks can also be used if a certain mood is desired.

“Well, that wraps it up for now, gang.” And that’s how the book ends. In the conclusion, Stan Lee mentions that you have to have a love for drawing if you are to succeed. The other bit of parting advice is to draw, draw, draw! Practice makes… at least better.


I would give this book a 4 out of 5 Stars for budding artists hoping to find tips on how to learn the art of drawing. For the Marvel fan, it would likely rate higher! The information is well laid out and fairly easy to understand, but rather simple. More education would be necessary to truly succeed in the competitive world of comic book art.

That said, I did attend an institution for higher learning and studied all aspects of the arts, from drawing to painting, architecture to advertising, even pottery and photography. I can say that many of the tips and techniques found in this book were covered in my College courses.

You can see some of my Commercial Artwork and Caricatures that I did using many of the tips found in this book by clicking the link. I also have some Original Artwork of a Disney nature on this blog as well. I hope you like them!

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The Legacy Collection Beauty & the Beast CD Set

The fourteenth installment of this series called The Legacy Collection is Beauty and the Beast. It was released on February 9, 2018, as a two-disc compilation featuring the 1991 original soundtrack along with deleted songs, extended score, and early demos.

Most of these sets were released on the anniversary of the film but this one is an exception.

Fifteen pages of Production Notes go deep into the history of the Disney interpretation of this classic story.

The Concept Art shows that the original take on the Beast was much uglier than what we got in the final film. Perhaps Belle aged a bit?

The Music is wonderful, of course! You can see a complete listing of the tracks below:

Some of the Princess movies from Disney have their detractors, but this one seems to be loved by almost everyone. I always thought that Belle was a bit hard on the towns folk, maybe a bit condescending, for my taste. But that’s probably just me!

BelleDemo for Linda Worthington

No, after hearing that song, I don’t think it’s just me.

Whether you think this film was a rose or a thorn, you have to admit it made its mark on modern cinema!

If you want to see more of these Legacy Collection CD sets, please enter ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this site.

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Foodie Friday: Vintage Donald Duck Cola Bottle

General Beverages Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was licensed by Disney to make Donald Duck Cola from 1952 to 1955. Vintage Donald Duck Cola bottles aren’t especially rare but they can fetch up to $20.00 US for just one or up to $500.00 US for a pack of six with the drink still inside! I paid $15.00 US for mine.

This example is empty but I did fill it with Coca-Cola Zero just to see how it looked all dark and sexy!

Donald himself seems to be extra perky after downing an entire bottle of his signature beverage! Or maybe his attitude has improved because he’s getting a cut of the profits?

Walt Disney Productions is the trade mark used for this Disney product along with the famous face of the world’s angriest duck.

I wish I had the cap!

It’s hard to make out but each bottle contained an even 7 ounces of liquid gold. The font for the brand could have been a bit nicer, don’t you think?

Much easier to see the graphics when the bottle is filled with inky goodness! I shot a short video so you could hear the bubbles escaping. But you have to listen carefully:

Have a tall cold one!

The bottom of the bottle has a few markings that likely only mean something to the bottling company or suppliers:

Bottoms Up!

Disney characters have been used for many products over the years. The most common branding I see today is on packages of diapers. I’m definitely not in the market for those!

I do have one other product that Donald Duck pushed in grocery stores across the nation. It’s a very nice vintage Donald Duck Orange Juice can from around the same time period. Check it out!

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The Legacy Collection Fantasia CD Set

The Legacy Collection: Fantasia is the fifth set in this series. It’s a four-disc album and was released on January 13, 2015, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Fantasia. The album features the original recordings conducted by Leopold Stokowski and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as the 1982 digital re-recordings conducted by Irwin Kostal. You can click the links to see the original LP versions of both of these soundtracks. This CD set has two bonus tracks narrated by Sterling Holloway, and the previously unreleased recording of Clair de Lune, a segment that was cut from the final running order.

The Production Notes are quite extensive and worth a look for any true fan of this Classic! They’ve peppered in some nice concept art as well:

Next we have no less than twelve pages of Concept Art with liner notes to help us chart the development of the project:

This is a rare 4-disc set whereas most of the Legacy sets have only two or three discs. Being as this set contains two separate versions of the soundtrack, plus a few extras, it’s only logical they needed an extra disc. You can read the entire contents below:

Can you tell the difference between the original tracks and the digital re-recordings? Well, let’s compare two pieces of music and see if we can. First, the original version:

The Nutcracker SuiteOriginal Version

And now for the digital version:

The Nutcracker SuiteDigital Version

So, could you tell the difference? I think there is more hiss on the original version and perhaps the digital version has a deeper tone? I’m no music Connoisseur so you’ll have to be the judge!

I have both versions of the soundtrack on LP, the original and the digital remaster, but having them on CD is a treat! It makes it much easier to listen to and enjoy the music!

Fantasia was intended to be a big push for the waning career of Mickey Mouse and it did end up giving the little guy some much needed traction. But in the end, the film just didn’t do that well in its original release. It’s another example of a Disney film becoming a ‘classic’ later in time. However, the music is timeless, so Walt Disney did give us another wonderful gift in the end!

If you want to see more of these Legacy Collection CD sets, please enter ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this site.

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Things: Toy Story Slinky Dog on Model Train Layout

We just recently visited The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI for the first time in over three years. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the new exhibits that they’ve created since the pandemic started.

There’s a nice little model train layout at the far end of the museum. This time, I noticed that it had a Toy Story character riding along the rails:

Slinky Dog!

Slinky Dog on Model Train Layout

Did you notice that he expands and contracts as he glides along the tracks?

We also visited Greenfield Village and rode the full-size steam train around the Park. As we did so, we heard the familiar clicking and clacking that one usually hears when riding the rails. I always thought this sound was made by the wheels on the metal rails, which may be partially true. But if you watch the video below, you’ll see that much of that noise is caused by the couplers between the cars:

Real Train Coupling

As the couplers move from side to side and up and down they grind on one another. This causes many of the noises we associate with rail travel.

I hope you enjoyed this trip along both a model railway and a real railroad!

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The Legacy Collection The Lion King CD Set

The Lion King is the first title in The Legacy Collection that was released on June 24, 2014, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of film. The two-disc album includes the film’s original soundtrack and approximately thirty minutes of previously unreleased music as well as copious amounts of liner notes and beautiful concept art.

The Production Notes have a lot of details about how the project developed along with information about the Music. You can enlarge the images below to read it all for yourself:

My favorite parts of these CD sets are the Concept Art pages. See if you don’t agree:

This is the first CD set that has had two end card pictures:

Below you can see the compete play list:

Now we all know that the song Hakuna Matata wasn’t just a passing phase, but the iconic tune that cemented the friendship between Simba and the meerkat / warthog combo of Timon and Pumbaa. But did you know it could have been a different song?

Have a listen to the Warthog Rhapsody and see if you think the director made the right choice between the two songs:

Warthog RhapsodyNathan Lane & Ernie Sabella

Did you notice that some lyrics were used in both songs? It’s always interesting to see how some ideas are changed and/or carried forward during the development of a film!

Can you feel the love in this musical package? Yes, yes you can!

If you want to see more of these Legacy Collection CD sets, please enter ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this site.

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WDP Minnie Mouse Earring & Brooch Set

Mickey’s perpetual girlfriend is none other than that giggly girl from the barnyard, Minnie Mouse. What was a mouse doing in the barnyard looking for a date? You’ll have to listen to Minnie’s Yoo Hoo! to find out. In fact, why don’t we all give it a listen before we continue:

Minnie’s Yoo Hoo!The Disney Chorus

Our gallant little rodent took no notice of his fair lady’s humble beginnings and set out on a decades-long quest to win her heart. He’s… still at it.

While that pursuit continues, let us have a look at this Minnie Mouse earring and brooch set by Walt Disney Productions:

Earring Close Up

Minnie strikes a flirty pose without being too coquettish in this posing for the earrings. She sports that come hither look with just a brief flash of her bloomers. How has Mickey dodged a commitment for so long?

These are pin back earrings for pierced ears. They are costume jewellery.

The brooch sports a different pose with Minnie wearing one of her older outfits. Don’t judge her, ladies. You’ve all pulled a vintage ensemble out of the closet before!

Nothing beats being all matchy-matchy with jewellery that compliments each other.

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