Timex Winnie the Pooh Finger Watch

“We believe every watch has a soul. Ours comes from a relentless pursuit of craftsmanship, quality and design. In 1854, we combined European clockmaking and American ingenuity to take clocks from the mantels of the 1% and brought them to the world.” How’s that for an opening paragraph?

Yes, it’s the watch that ‘Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!’ – TIMEX. Remember the commercials where the guy was wearing his Timex watch and stuck his hand and wrist into a tub of water, just to prove how tough it was? That’s still impressive in a world where you dare not even sweat on your Smart Phone!

Timex has gone from big to bigger over the years, but then switched watch gears and went significantly smaller. Behold… the Finger Watch:

And who would be cuter on the face of such a small watch than Winnie the Pooh? That silly ol’ bear looks perfectly happy to watch the hands of time go around and around him!

To get an idea of the size of this finger watch, the box it comes in is about the same size as a ring box. It’s kind of obvious I guess, considering what it is. Because it looks bigger in the pictures, though, so I should include that the face is only 1/2″ in diameter!

Being so small, it left no room for numbers on the face. Only the brand name is shown other than the character himself. On the back we find the POOH logo and the word ‘Disney’ is in the script around the edge. I can also make out ‘Assembled in China’, ‘Stainless Steel Back’, ‘Use Metal (?) Only’, and then there is a single word I can’t make out. This is not a self-winding watch.

I placed the finger watch on my pinky finger for the picture above.

The watch came with a large fold-out set of instructions. As with most things, these instructions are a one-fits-all listing of information. This particular Timex does not have the Indigo Lighting, is not water resistant, and does not have a second hand.

There was an extended warranty offer. For just $5.00 you could your 1-year warranty by another 5 years. That’s just a buck a year! But you had to send in for it within 30 days of purchase.

There is no indication of a date of manufacture for the watch. I have had it for many years and purchased it used. I would estimate a timeframe in the late 1980s or in the 1990s.

If you’re interested in the history of the TIMEX watch company, you can click the link and visit the ‘Our Story and History’ section of their website. It’s very interesting! And if you’d like to see more Disney-themed finger watches, you can check out my Disney Rings post, which features an image of the finger watch in this post surrounded by nine Chinese knock-offs.

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Hallmark Cards Walt’s 100th ‘High Five’ Ornament

“Give me five!” A ‘High Five’ is a gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other’s open palm with their arms raised. The ‘five’ refers to the number of fingers on each hand. It appears to have come into use and was thus popularized by sports athletes in the late 1970s and was added to the dictionary in 1980. But the ‘Low Five’ is purported to have preceded the higher slap by many years, being a part of African-American culture since the 1920s.

And in 2001, the High Five was immortalized in cast form by Hallmark Cards:

Give Me Some Skin !

Other fun ways to use the gesture is to pull your hand away at the last moment while calling out “Too slow!” or you could combine two interactions with a high five followed by a low five, or you can playfully leave me hanging by not responding to the call to engage. But be careful with that last one, for it can also be interpreted as an insult.

Walt was born in 1901 which would make the year 2001 his 100th birthday. Of course, he passed away in 1966 at the age of 65, so this is now more of an anniversary of a life remembered by those who respected the man.

The base is in the shape of a star. This may be to commemorate the Stars Walt was awarded along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The award was given in 1960 in the category of Television. The Star was laid at 6747 Hollywood Blvd.

Walt Disney also received a Star for Motion Pictures, as seen above, left. Walt’s brother, Roy O. Disney, received his star at 6833 Hollywood Blvd. in 1998 in the category of Motion Pictures as well.

Star of the Show

Hallmark Cards has released so much excellent Disney merchandise over the years! This is just another reason to keep your eyes open, for some of the best Disney goodies can be found both outside the Parks, and from non-Disney retailers.

For more photographs of Disney-related Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, check out my post which has photographs I took while visiting Hollywood, California. And for a little added fun, check out a Hidden Mickey door handle I also saw while strolling down Hollywood Blvd.

FUN FACTS: National High Five Day is an actual ‘thing’ and was started to encourage the giving out of high fives and is typically held on the third Thursday in April. Did you join in last April or did you leave us all hanging?

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Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Pongo Bone China Figurine

I always thought that ‘Pongo’ was an unusual name for a dog. It appears to have originated from a 16th-century account by Andrew Battel, an English sailor held prisoner by the Portuguese in Angola. He describes two anthropoid “monsters” named Pongo and Engeco which are now believed to have been gorillas. But by the 18th century, the terms orangutan and pongo were used for all great apes.

So did Dodie Smith name the lead character in his 1956 children’s book The Hundred and One Dalmatians after apes? Not likely. Another possibility for the strange name comes from a popular fictional character named Pongo Twistleton, who appeared in P. G. Wodehouse’s Uncle Fred stories from the 1930s to 1960s. This would fit the time period as Mr. Smith would have been familiar with the Uncle Fred stories in his day.

Or yet another possibility is that Roger, Pongo’s owner, named him after the British military slang for ‘soldier’, that being ‘pongo’, as used especially by members of the Royal Navy or RAF. So Pongo would be Roger’s ‘little soldier’.

Pick the one you like best, for I’m not aware that Mr. Smith or Disney have ever explained the origins of the name.

Even if he does have a name that makes you wonder what his owner was thinking, he does have a strong character and sense of duty to family. And demonstrates bravery and loyalty that are examples to us all!

This figurine stands about 5″ tall. He appears to have about 50 spots, whereas his animated doppelganger is said to have 72 spots. You may also notice that he does not have a collar. In the Disney animated movie Pongo wears a red collar, but has been seen with a blue collar in later appearances and sequels.

This figurine is made of Bone China and was manufactured in China. Appropriate, wot?

FUN FACTS: When is a bark not just a bark? Why, when it’s heard again and again, of course! Some of Pongo’s growl’s and barks in the animated movie were recycled from the live-action film Old Yeller. And later, some of those same sounds were paid further forward in The Great Mouse Detective for the faithful tracking dog Toby. “Sit!” Good readers. But I meant Toby.

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Disney Pin Trading featuring Unique Pins

Disney pin trading is undoubtedly one of the longest running promotional gimmicks the company has ever created. Vinylmations, Tsum Tsum, and other fads have come and gone for the most part, but those small, enamel pins live on! These collectible pins can feature Disney characters, attractions, icons, events or any other element designers feel will sell. The practice is a hobby officially supported and promoted by Disney.

Prices can now range from just under $10.00 to well over $20.00 or more. Ouch! But it is a fun way to remember a vacation or commemorate a special event enjoyed while at a Disney Park.

This post will feature three pins from my personal collection that I feel have a unique element about them. First:

The subject matter, Mickey as a Canadian Mountie, is not unique in itself. But the fact that the pin is primarily a bronze cast with only enamel highlights, is. By the way, I’ve lived in Canada all of my life and have never seen a real Canadian Mountie! For a mounted police force so tied to my country, you’d think I’d have tripped over one at least once.

Why I included this pin was because of the pin back. It isn’t the more traditional Hidden Mickey variation. Instead, it’s a more generic metal pin back. I believe this dates this pin as an earlier release. It also refers to an AMX Official Licensee. I can’t find any information about this company.

The next pin was one I received on a lanyard in Disney Springs at the “Disney Design-a-Tee presented by Hanes” innovative next-generation store for apparel souvenirs at Downtown Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort. Wow. That was a mouthful!

This pin was given away in 2009 as part of the Hanes Comfort Rewards Program. I don’t remember exactly why I got one when visiting the shop, unless I was there during the opening festivities, which is possible, but I rarely look a free gift horse in the mouth regardless!

In 2011, Hanes announced a new Rewards Program called just Comfort Rewards.  You could earn points on each Hanes purchase you made and then save your points and redeem them for items such as free products. It now seems to have been revamped and renamed Total Rewards.

I enjoy collecting unique and exclusive items! Next is a fun little pin with the Hidden Mickey feature:

As you can see, this pin is in the shape of a pennant. A Pennant is a long triangular or swallow-tailed flag denoting a sports championship or other achievement. In this case, it is advertising Walt Disney World and emulates the actual pennants you can still buy at the Vacation Kingdom.

Disneyland Version of Cloth Pennant

The pin is a version known as HM (Hidden Mickey pin). They always have a little black Hidden Mickey shape somewhere on the front of the pin.

This pin is also a WDW (Walt Disney World® Resort) release. As you can see, Pin Traders have an acronym for everything to do with pin trading! I’ve found literally dozens.

Released in 2012, this pin is part of a five-pin Hidden Mickey set. Below is a picture of the complete set:

What’s your favorite colour?

My favorite colour is red, so I’m happy to have just this one version. Releasing multiple versions of the same thing is a sure-fire way to get Disney Fans to buy, buy, buy, though! Admit it: It works on you too, right?

I have multiple sets of pins. At one time, we used to buy 12 pins per Walt Disney World visit, each to commemorate some new thing we experienced or place we visited. Then I would attach them to belts and hang them on the wall for display. It certainly was a different way of remembering our vacations! Do you collect Disney Pins? For a different kind of pin, check out my cool DREAM pin!

FUN FACTS: Do you know what a Pinjury is? It is defined, in Pin Trading circles, as the unintentional stabbing of oneself with a pin post, sometimes drawing blood. Is that really a thing?

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Story and Songs from Peter Pan Long-Play Record

“OFF to Neverland!” Here we go with another wonderful soundtrack. This one is from 1969 by Disneyland Records and the Walt Disney Music of Canada production company. It contains an abridged version of the story along with the key songs from the animated movie. And as a bonus, we get 11 pages of illustrations!

Twelve, if you count the Title Page.

Being as this is representing an animated classic, the artwork is painted. Live Action films may have painted or photography as the medium of choice. The cover for this LP is a composite showing all of the main characters in a shot that would not be from the source material.

I love the style of artwork on the Title Page:

Although not as fully rendered as the rest of the artwork, this image stands out for its playfulness and simplicity. On the right (above) we start our story with the reattachment of Peter’s shadow.

Pages 2 and 3 start us off on our journey over London, past the second star to the right, and onward to Neverland!

On Page 4 we are already in ‘real trouble’! If Tiger Lily isn’t found and returned by sundown, its the end for our intrepid troop. But not to worry, on Page 5, Peter is already in pitched battle with Captain Hook to save the young maiden.

Yea! On Page 6 we see that Peter has won and the ol’ Captain must swim for his life, or give more of himself to the crocodile! Back at the Indian camp, Page 7 shows a celebration is being had with Peter honored with the new name of “Flying Eagle”.

Page 8 has us skipping a goodly chunk of the plot as we jump ahead to the capture of Tinker Bell and subsequently, the capture of Wendy and the boys. Page 9 brings us to Peter’s rescue of Wendy. And we presume the rest of the boys.

The last two-page spread (Pages 10 & 11) wrap up things with the children being returned safely home and Peter heading back to Neverland aboard the Jolly Roger.

Extra plot details are included via text if not shown in the drawings. You can enlarge the images for the full story.

Back Cover

The back cover gives us a list of the songs contained on the album. ‘You Can Fly’ is an obvious inclusion. ‘A Pirate’s Life’ and ‘Following the Leader’ are also on Side One. Side Two has the wildly inappropriate ‘What Made the Red Man Red?’, the sweet ‘Your Mother and Mine’, and the one I don’t remember: ‘The Elegant Captain Hook’. A reprise of ‘You Can Fly’ provides a nice Finale.

Most of us remember the song ‘What Made the Red Man Red?’ but not so much of the lyrics. Below are reprinted the words from the third verse that answers the title question:

What made the red man red?
What made the red man red?
Let’s go back a million years
To the very first Injun prince
He kissed a maid and start to blush
And we’ve all been blushin’ since

To make the song even more cringe-worthy, the two previous verses give dubious reasons for why the ‘Injun’ says “How” and “Ugh”. And the use of ‘Injun’. Sigh.

A modern-day performer reworked the controversial song and gave his own answer to the question of what made the Red Man red. Take a look at the pertinent lyrics:

Tell me why you think the red man is red
Stained with the blood from the land you bled

You made me red when you killed my people
Made me red when you bled my tribe
Made me red when you killed my people
(Like savages/ Like savages)

This version was released by Frank Waln (or Oyate Teca Obmani = “Walks With Young People”) on December 29th, 2015. He is a Sicangu Lakota rapper. Waln grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and first began listening to hip-hop as a teenager. He later graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Audio Arts and Acoustics.

Many Disney classics are being reworked and edited to make them more culturally sensitive. Peter Pan is definitely one of the movies revisited for this purpose. Although we do not condone any form of discrimination on this site, we do present vintage material as produced in an attempt to preserve history so that we may all learn from it.

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Mini Disney ‘Fab Five’ Bone China Figurines

John, Paul, George, and Ringo may have taken the world by storm in the 1960s, but before they ever became FAB, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto rocked that nickname! Well, actually, you have to swap out Daisy for Goofy, but you get the idea.

I never understood why Daisy Duck never got the same love as the other main Disney characters. She was certainly a long-suffering sidekick to Donald and has waited just as long for a proposal as Minnie has. She’s earned the FAB moniker!

As compensation, I’ll be including two Daisy figurines in this post. More of her later, but first, let’s meet the group:

Coming in at just under 2″ tall each the Disney gang lines up for a group picture. All appear in their signature clothing styles.

These miniature figurines show some minor paint wear. The animation style of the sculpts is reminiscent of the 1940s or 1950s but I can’t say for sure if they date from either of those eras.

Pluto sits pretty. Do you think he looks a little younger than his normal appearance? He almost looks closer to a pup than an adult dog to me. But definitely cute!

Daisy shows the most paint wear, as you can see how faded she is from the front compared to her back. She also looks a little too demure for her feisty character, don’t you think?

Now as promised I present another miniature version of Daisy. She is a little bigger in size than the figurine that goes with this set:

Same Pose – Different Outfits / Size

The Daisy on the left (above) has much better paint than the other Daisy. She is slightly taller and is a bit more rotund. But don’t tell her I said so! As the pose is identical, I have to assume another set was released featuring the entire character lineup. But was it produced before or after the smaller set?

Being made in Taiwan doesn’t help to date these figurines. But the addition of ‘Bone China’ on the larger Daisy might. I’d say the larger set came after the smaller. Usually later sculpts are less detailed (note how the larger Daisy has a simpler blouse) or larger to make manufacture easier. The addition of ‘Bone China’ on the larger Daisy would simply be because there was now room for that detail to be printed on the limited area afforded on the bottom of the figurines. Make sense?

Either way, I had forgotten that there were variations on these figurines. Now I have to hunt the wide world over to find Large Mickey, Large Minnie, Large Donald, and Large Pluto! Will my labors never be done? My wife hopes so. I hope not.

To see a unique piece of merchandise featuring the oft-overlooked Daisy, check out her Nascar crossover promotional item. And to see which of Disney’s Fab Five you are, just click the link and take the survey!

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Photo Bombed at The Magic Kingdom in WDW

Don’t you just hate it when some wiseacre jumps into your perfect picture? Me too! With the crowds being what they are at Disney Parks, though, I guess it’s kind of inevitable. But…

I never expected my photo bomber to be the Main Street Train Station!

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Garage Sale of Vintage Disney Collectibles

I’ve gotten to a place in my collecting where I only have room for the best of the best. So after years of procuring almost everything I saw (a slight exaggeration) I have now started the process of thinning out the shelves, ledges, tables, and boxes full of… stuff!

To wit: I have just finished an epic two-day Garage Sale.

You never know how a garage or yard sale is going to go. Most visitors are expecting junk and are intending to pay very little for it. So filling tables with good items worth more than a buck is risky.

Our Garage Sale was a complete success! We made three times the amount we were hoping for and still have some things left over to liquidate on e-sites. What was the secret of our success?

1 – Advertise. I put adds on Kijiji and FaceBook Marketplace. And plenty of road signs!

2 – Ensure a good selection. I peppered in non-Disney items to pad the final take.

3 – Pricing. I kept the individual prices well below Internet norms.

4 – Focus on volume of sales and not on getting big money for every item.

We added making the experience pleasant for every visitor with friendliness and jokes. Good jokes. Not Dad-jokes.

And don’t forget the 25 cent bin (lower left). Everyone loves a cheap piece of plastic shaped like their favorite IP.

Something else that comes from having a sale is that you soon learn what you want to keep. As you see an item sitting on the table waiting for a new home, you may have second thoughts and realize that you really can’t part with it. That happened to us with the Sailor Mickey hugging Duffy plush in the picture above. He was pulled from the sale and came back home with us. But we only did that with about three items!

So how about you? Have you reduced your collection by means of a garage or yard sale? Did it go as well as you’d hoped? Or do you find Internet selling sites are better?

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Finding Nemo “Mine Mine Mine” Seagulls Figurine

Who’s? Well, it could only belong to those three noisy seagulls! What? Anything that they can sea! See what I did there? Pixar gave us a good run of amazing animated movies. Finding Nemo is definitely one of my all-time favorites with the seagull characters being among the funniest elements of the production!

So naturally some sweet seagull merch was destined to find its way into my collection.

And with that, we have a figurine / paperweight / note holder / thingy:

I saw this in the gift shop when exiting The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction in EPCOT at Walt Disney World. But although sorely tempted I did not succumb to the urge to purchase. But years later I found it at a local Charity Shop for just a few dollars and… it was finally mine, mine, mine! See what I did there?

Seagulls at The Seas in EPCOT

These animatronic seagulls come to life occasionally, usually when a wave hits them. It’s a fun thing to watch while waiting in the line.

They look good from all sides! This is basically a figurine but could be used as a paperweight or a note holder. The signs on the sticks are slotted and a piece of paper will slip in and stay put.

The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland was cool! And it also has a cameo appearance by the three ‘Mine Mine Mine’ seagulls. They call out their signature phrase every so often.

Now just so you understand why seagulls might become so much a part of a Pixar film, it’s possibly because they are everywhere in Florida and California! So I’m pretty sure the animators on Finding Nemo would have been aware of them.

Picture One: Seagulls atop the boat launch outside the Magic Kingdom (WDW)

Picture Two: A lonely seagull on an actual Florida beach

Picture Three: Another lonely seagull perched atop a pole at a Friendship Taxi dock (WDW)

Yes, I tend to get a bit fixated on the weirdest things. In case you were wondering, the three pictures above are mine, mine, and mine.

See what I did there?

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Disneyland Annual Passholder Balloon Mickey Vinylmation

We have only visited Disneyland once and that was way back in 2013. The weather could have been better but the crowds were thin and we definitely had a good time! And if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that a main part of my Disney vacations is the merchandise!

Exclusive, you say? I’m in! And when I can get something I’m not supposed to be able to get? I’m double in! Case in point is this Disneyland Annual Passholder #3 exclusive Vinylmation:

My eyes are everywhere when I’m perusing a shop, and on this particular day, I glanced over into a display case by the checkout counter. I very friendly Cast Member asked if there was anything I’d like a closer look at. Of course I said ‘Yes!’ even though I saw the Annual Passholder signage. I was not an AP at the time but couldn’t resist the temptation for a forbidden peek!

Of all the items, this Balloon Mickey Vinylmation caught my eye the most. After torturing myself with it I admitted that I wasn’t able to buy it and gave her the reason. She smiled and said: “Are you sure?” I was able to buy it (but without any AP discounts). I love Cast Members, don’t you?

Have you ever checked the bottom of the custom boxes for these exclusive figures? Note the peculiar shape indented in the cardboard: It’s the feet of the figure! How cool is that?!?

I can’t swear to it, but I believe of the three places to buy merchandise, I got this item in one of the stores along Main Street in Disneyland itself.

Photos Credits: Aliexpress (left) and blunose2772 (right)

Now let’s talk balloons! The Mickey Balloon is one of the most iconic Disneyland mementos. Our figurine is patterned off of the yellow version, as you can see by comparing it to the image, above right. There is a slight variation to the shaping due to the necessary usage of the Vinylmation shape.

‘Balloon Mickey’ or #3, whatever his name is, has two balloons on his chest and three balloons on his… butt. Okay, then.

I’ve toyed with selling this little guy several times but keep changing my mind. Perhaps I remember what first attracted me to him or that the kindly Cast Member broke the rules to sell him to me. Either way, I think he’ll stay in my collection.

For more fun with Vinylmations, and a little something different, check out my book review of a Steampunk Novel with a side order of a Steampunk Goofy Vinylmation. Yup. You won’t want to miss out on a post like that.

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