Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Metal Lunch Box

Who doesn’t love the metal lunchboxes (with thermos) from the 1980’s? They usually feature wonderful graphics depicting classic characters (not just Disney!) enjoying some sort of fun or mischief. This example shows our favorite Disney characters enjoying some classic rides at Walt Disney World:

Is Donald standing up on the boat in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Did Goofy fall out of his Jungle Cruise boat?

Has Mickey abandoned his Doom Buggy in the Haunted Mansion?

The top of this particular box is a little rough, with a lot of rust and a tape name tag, but you can still see that there was an incident on Space Mountain.

Open it up, and interestingly, the thermos is not held in with a clip. Is it missing?

Apparently not, for instead it offers a diagram for proper thermos placement:

As is the case with many Disney lunch boxes, the flip side usually contains a completely different theme. With this example, it takes an odd turn and decides to advertise World on Ice:

Now, I have nothing against World on Ice. It brings the Disney magic to many people’s hometowns. But, if I were a kid, I would likely pass if confronted with this as a lunch conveyance device. Mickey and Minnie ice skating?

Luckily, as an adult, I can display the box on a shelf with the World on Ice side facing inward, nice and hidden!

If you love Disney-themed metal lunch boxes (say that three times fast!) you might enjoy another example featuring the Magic Kingdom.

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4 Responses to Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Metal Lunch Box

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    Very good question, Anonymous. Doing a Gogle search, I don't find anything confirming that, but I will update if I find anything further about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps this was sold at the World on Ice show as a souvenir, doubling as a promo for the parks?

  3. Nick Maglio says:

    I think the lunch box probably appealed equally to boys and girls. Marketing genius.

  4. That's weird…and cool! My daughter would probably display it with the World on Ice side out 😉

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