Disneyland Monorail Watch in Original Box and Case

Please stand clear of the doors
From the Highway in the Sky to the watch on your wrist, along comes a once-in-a-lifetime find! I love it when something like this pops up when I’m not expecting it. I was at a junky flea market the other day, and in the back of a lonely display case, was this:
Walt Disney Signature Series (?)
Leatherette case
Mint condition with plastic still on crystal and back
The Disneyland Monorail Watch
Genuine Leather band
A trip through time and the Mark series of Monorails
Monorails were around in the late 1800’s, but Disneyland didn’t get one until 1959 when Walt Disney decided to completely renovate Tomorrowland. So along with the Matterhorn and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea came North America’s first functioning Monorail system.
Artwork created by a Disney Artist, but it doesn’t indicate which
Hidden Mickey clasp
I’ve both Googled and searched eBay for this watch without success. So I can’t, as yet, provide any more information about it.
But what a find! For this Monorail enthusiast, this is the Holy Grail of watch finds. So far, I’ve left it in its original case and haven’t worn it. I’m saving that thrill for a special occasion!
Now please be seated or hold onto the rails. This post will be leaving shortly for a tour around the Magic Kingdom… and of Disleelandia!
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  1. I'm still in Monorail-Geek heaven!

  2. Gaylin says:

    This watch is beautiful. The detail, right down to the hidden Mickey clasp! Wow.

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