Big Al Patch from D23 Membership Package

From Frontierland

The Country Bear Jamboree is still alive and well at Walt Disney World, and I for one am grateful. I always take in the show during each and every visit to The Magic Kingdom!
But whether you like the corny jokes and hokey singing or not, I’m almost certain that you get a kick out of Big Al:
“There was… BLOOD  on the saddle… and …”
D23 Member Exclusive
Not sure how one goes about getting the other patches
Each issue of D23 Magazine is sent to members with an exclusive gift inside. The patch above was my first one, and with the latest issue, I got a set of vintage Christmas cards.
I also got this offer
I’m sorry, but nearly $50.00 for a binder that holds 4 magazines seems a bit steep to me! It’s a great idea, but hard to justify financially.
Another D23 Member Exclusive
I’ve always thought that most of the special perks extended to D23 Members are for the rich among us, and this Limited Edition Cel Replica does nothing to dispel that thought at $995.00 US!
Even if I had a thousand dollars to drop on a reproduction, I would be hard pressed to see the value in such a purchase. But I’m sure many will send in their orders!
As for me, I’ll settle for my free patches and await my little surprise every 3 months.
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3 Responses to Big Al Patch from D23 Membership Package

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    I'm looking into getting her into therapy, Lee. Evidently, Big Al attacked her as a child.


  2. Wow! I think someone needs some Disney Intervention! Or a time-out. LOL!

    Come on now, how can you NOT love those big, ugly bears??? (Except Liver Lips, he's just TOO ugly!) But the rest?

    I'm guessing you didn't like the Country Bears movie. Just a guess…

  3. Bood! Where did the blood come from, where Lee? Where did it come from? Small children that weren't paying attention, that weren't good enough, nice enough, smart enough…tell me, Lee!

    I still can't stand that show or those bloody bears.

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