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Mighty Beanz Lightning McQueen Carrying Case

“Gentleman. Start your Beanz!” No, it isn’t the beginning of a chili-eating contest, but the call to the line for the next running of the Piston Cup. . I have many of these little Beanz. But my problem quickly became … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Desk and Wall Calendars

With you every day… . What a faithful mouse! Mickey just sits or hangs around all day, every day, just waiting to tell you what day it is. OK, not the most exciting job, but he seems to like it. … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Toy Story 3 BUTTERCUP Plush

Buttercup, Oh Butter Buttercup . OK, maybe that riff was actually about lollipop, but it seems to fit so fanciful a character as Pixar’s Buttercup from Toy Story 3. . I’ve been searching for this plush for months, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Market Road Antiques in St. Jacobs, ON

. Market Road Antiques . I recently went to St. Jacobs, Ontario, for two business seminars. Although they took up most of my time during the day, I was free to explore this beautiful area by night. . Of course, … Continue reading

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Home Depot – Pooh and Einstein Paint Colors

An Unlikely Pairing . This booklet from Home Depot features two distinctly different Disney franchises: Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein. . We start off with the Bear-of-little-brain: . .  .  . Again, a happy little child is the result … Continue reading

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Home Depot – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint Colors

Bold Statement . Any child would love to live in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! And although that is impossible, thanks to Home Depot and Disney, you can at least give them the next best thing: . . Toodles should appear … Continue reading

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Home Depot – Fairies Paint Colors

Children’s Room Make-over . Disney has always partnered with retailers to create unique merchandise. But this cross-promotion is special in that it doesn’t just sell a product, but a style as well. . The following booklet (available at Home Depot … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean Auctioneer and Redhead Figurines

We wants the Redhead! One of the most popular rides at any Disney park it’s in is Pirates of the Caribbean, and one of the most memorable scenes is the Bride Auction scene. However, that scene has been changed and … Continue reading

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Peter Pan Double Snow Globe

Flying over London . Kijiji strikes again and delivers to me another nice collectible. This time it’s in the form of a Snow Globe featuring a famous scene from Peter Pan: . . “You can fly!” . Yes, high above … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

. by Vic Crume Scholastic Book Services 1977 . This great little paperback novel only cost me $4 even, and it’s turned out to be worth every penny. Of course, at $4, that isn’t saying much! . But seriously, the … Continue reading

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