Single Bambi Bookend

As a single bookend, this item has little commercial value as a Disney collectible. It’s interesting how often you can find single bookends at flea markets and yard sales, probably because ceramic is easy to break. This one has no indication of when it was made, and no real proof that it is, in fact, Bambi.

The bookend is 6.5″ tall and 4.5″ wide

Doing a Google search, I found it under Bambi Ceramic Bookend, but again, as there are no markings on this one indicating it is a Disney licensed product, it is still in question. As for date, I simply find “Vintage” and “1950s”.

I have found many different ‘Bambi’ ceramic items, none having identification. They look nice, so if bought, they would at least make a good conversation piece.

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