1978 Park Guide Map Booklet

Guest Archivist: Gaylin

It surprises me that the Disney shopping bags from my 1978 trip survived for the last 34 years and fared quite well being as this park guide map is in rough shape. Vancouver is quite a damp place to live and I did not do a great job of storing this.

Front and Back covers

The back cover has a nice selection of ‘new’ movies for 1978. The Jungle Book would have been a re-release. Don Knots in Hot Lead and Cold Feet and The Cat From Outer Space were two funny movies!

Table of copious contents

It’s a shame that Captain Nemo left WDW forever!

Nice overview maps

Resort fun at its most Polynesian and Contemporary

Golf Resort Hotel is no more, at least, not under that name

Concluding with more recreational activities

I guess people in the 1970’s needed a lot of instruction on how to have a good vacation because this booklet has 32 pages!

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