Donald and Pluto Storybook Vinylmations

So, are you a Vinylmation fan? We are here at Disney Nouns and have quite a few figures between us. Sometimes we come across some sets that we just can’t resist:

This Theme Park exclusive Storybook Vinylmations set comes from the and is a wonderful release!

I love this set, and love the artwork on the box. Mickey and Donald are touring Disneyland:

Goofy and Minnie have decided to go there own way and are visiting Walt Disney World:

If you look closely, you’ll see the backpack on Donald. Awesome!

These sets are not cheap, and you may question your sanity for spending $26.95 plus tax and shipping.

Would you remove these Vinyls from their box or leave this lovely package intact?

For now, this example stays sealed. Mint in box. I’ll open the box from time to time to give them a little air!

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