Figment Hand Puppet

Today we have a cute little Figment hand puppet:

Like other Figment items, I’m curios as to why the label says Disneyland in addition to Walt Disney World, as Figment is a purely Epcot-in-Walt-Disney-World native. Did they sell these items in Disneyland?

A product of Korea

He loves you “this much”

This is a prime example of why dual-park branding is just plain silly. About as silly as an imaginary purple dragon!

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2 Responses to Figment Hand Puppet

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    Great find, Courtney! I've found many great items at the Columbus Flea Market!

  2. Courtney says:

    I just found one of these at Columbus flea market! It was definitely a great purchase at only $1 🙂

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