Mickey Garden Gnome

You just never know who may show up in your garden:

This little guy comes from the 2011 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Every garden needs a gnome. Add a love of Disney, and this is a no brainer, right here!

An Original and Authentic Disney Parks item!

Can you think of anyone better to guard your garden?

Would you like to see more Disney-themed garden figurines? Then check out this Thumper version!

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5 Responses to Mickey Garden Gnome

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    I wish I could grow a beard that long, Lee!

    Melissa Sue, we shipped him home, along with a few other garden items, including the Flamingo with Mickey ears.


  2. Simple, Melissa: Just buy him a ticket on the return flight!

    Problem solved.


  3. melissa sue says:

    I love this little guy! My sister-in-law is all about garden gnomes, and I've wanted to buy this for her since 2010 … but how to get it home?!


  4. I think Nick's facial hair gets this long by the end of winter. Not that I have photographic evidence or anything.


  5. Oh my gosh. Adorbs.

    It almost looks like one of the Seven Dwarfs but with Mickey's loveable face.


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