Fantasia 2000 Flamingo with Mickey Ears

This very amusing, and amused looking, flamingo, comes from the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, circa 2011.

Of course he’s happy, he was at Walt Disney World! But first he was one of the stars of the Fantasia reboot entitled Fantasia 2000 released in late 1999. The Carnival of the Animals was used to ask the musical question: “What would happen if you gave a yo-yo to a flock of flamingoes?” A flock of flamingoes tries to force a slapstick member, who enjoys playing with a yo-yo, to engage in the flock’s “dull” routines. This segment was introduced by James Earl Jones.

Authentic Original Disney Parks merchandise

Of course, it is so authentic to the North American parks, that it is made in… China. And that’s just how it is, folks!

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5 Responses to Fantasia 2000 Flamingo with Mickey Ears

  1. Okay I need to get this for MMM now — she's in a flamingo club and this is just perfect!!

  2. I don't think it went over as well as Disney had hoped. Not many are familiar with Fantasia2000, but I love him!

  3. izza says:

    Funny! I saw this in Disney and I regret of not buying it! Izza

  4. Funny Story: I had friends of mine buy me one of these the first year they came out (during their WDW trip). It cost me well over $20 USD. I ended up at WDW myself soon after and found him at a Disney Outlet Store for $9.99 USD!!! They had crates of them.

    Actually, I wasn't laughing at the time!

  5. Gaylin says:

    I don't have a yard and this guy won't fit in my carry on but I do admire it! I mean a flamingo with mickey ears, what could be wrong with that!

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