Orange Bird Vinyl Bank

And this little fella didn’t break the bank!

I’ve been trying to get one of these Orange Bird Banks for a few months now, but the prices have been too high. Amazingly, I saw one at our local flea market last Summer, and it was even more expensive than I’ve seen on eBay!

I got this at a reasonable price off of eBay for a good reason. It is missing its stopper. But since I wasn’t looking to buy this as an investment, or to hold change, I was fine with that:

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions, but no indication of exact production year

This very happy bird measures 5 inches high

Until next time, think orange thoughts!

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3 Responses to Orange Bird Vinyl Bank

  1. This is pretty cool. Nice find!

  2. Nick Maglio says:

    I hope you find one at a good price as well.


  3. Melissa Lynn says:

    I've been wanting one of these too!!! Love it!

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