Disney Cruise Line Commemorative Stationary Set

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

My wife and I took a cruise to Alaska on the Disney Wonder recently. What we ourselves didn’t realize, until our second night on the cruise, was that it was the inaugural sailing from the Port of Seattle.

To commemorate this, we returned to our room on that second evening to find this card:

And this stationary set:

The cards are blank inside, and are very nicely illustrated.

Even the envelopes are really nice:

The only issue I have is, I’m not sure what we’ll use them for, as I don’t know when we’d have an occasion to send a card with “Seattle” written on it. Oh well, regardless, it’s a lovely reminder of an absolutely amazing trip!

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3 Responses to Disney Cruise Line Commemorative Stationary Set

  1. I LOVE THIS! We were on the second sailing out of NYC and I'm sad seeing those, knowing the first people must have gotten something similar. What a great souvenir!


  2. Small Pond says:

    Skip sending them. I say, put them in a shadowbox frame as a memento of the trip!


  3. Gaylin says:

    I love stationary and cards in general. Very cool!


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