Used Walt Disney World Postcards

Having a postcard that is actually written on, telling of someone’s vacation, the weather, and how much fun they are having, is a special treat!

The older of the 2 cards featured in this post takes us all the way back to July, 1975, taking a spin on the Tea Cups with Goofy:

Here we learn, not surprisingly, it was hot in July.

This next card is from 9/15/1983:

Again, we learn its hot. OK, Florida = Hot. Got it!

I really love the fact that they describe how they went for 18 hours on 5 hours sleep.
Haven’t we all been there, and done that!

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So how do you like to find vintage postcard? Written on, or blank?

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  1. Nick Maglio says:

    Thanks SWS and Estelle!

  2. These are so fantastic! I really like that Dwight stamp too!

  3. Nice…and hot! đŸ™‚

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