Hallmark Ornament Premiere Weekend

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

Readers know I collect Disney, and many may also know I collect ornaments. So, when Hallmark has its Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event each July, I’m at my local store, or stores, at opening, to get some Disney Ornaments!

Yesterday, at 8 A.M., I was at Joy’s Hallmark, in Burlington, NJ.

Let the magic begin!

I wonder if there will be any Disney ornaments?

Of course!

This is a set that will be coming out over the next several months. The ornaments released this weekend are Mickey and Pluto.

The Muppets are represented by Fozzie Bear:

Here are three of the wonderfully friendly employees at the store, wearing Mickey head name-tags, made with their new laser engraver, unique to this location.

There was one limited quantity Disney ornament.

Mickey, from the 1931 animated short “Traffic Troubles”

Of course, I bought one!

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4 Responses to Hallmark Ornament Premiere Weekend

  1. Mark says:

    I bought a copy of the limited Traffic Troubles as well. And Sulley and Boo. And Magician Mickey. And I wasn't going to buy any Disney ornaments until September or so.

    Looking forward to your post in November.


  2. Nick Maglio says:

    “Nick's such a tease!”



  3. Although I was just on a Disney Store Roadtrip, I did stop into a Hallmark store and I too picked up an ornament!

    But I won't make you wait until November to see it. WOW! Nick's such a tease!

    Check out my DSRT posts in the days ahead for a sneak peek!


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