Mickey Mouse Club Big Figs

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

On a trip to Walt Disney World in 2011, my wife and I fell in love with, and bought, these 2 big figs from the Animation Gallery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

They were released to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club, and are limited to 1955 pieces each.

Mickey is 14″ tall

Jiminy Cricket is 10 1/4 inches tall

Each day of the original Mickey Mouse  Club featured a different theme:

  • Monday – Fun with Music
  • Tuesday – Guest Star
  • Wednesday – Anything Can Happen
  • Thursday – Circus
  • Friday – Talent Round-up

There was an educational series of cartoons on the show as well, one featuring Jiminy Cricket, teaching, and yes, maybe preaching, the proper way to do certain activities. I got this list of the shorts from Wikipedia:

  • I’m No Fool With A Bicycle (10/06/55)
  • I’m No Fool With Fire (12/01/55)
  • I’m No Fool As A Pedestrian (10/08/56)
  • I’m No Fool with Water (11/15/56)
  • I’m No Fool Having Fun (12/15/56)
  • I’m No Fool in a Car (1957)
  • I’m No Fool in an Emergency (1957)
  • I’m No Fool in Unsafe Places (1957)
  • I’m No Fool in Unsafe Places II (1957)
  • I’m No Fool on Wheels (1957)
  • I’m No Fool with Safety at School (1957)
  • I’m No Fool with Electricity (1957)

You’ll note the ‘M’ in I’m and the ‘N’ in No are chipped. For whatever reason, neither my wife or I really took note if this when we bought them, and, indeed, didn’t even notice this until she took these pictures, and they have been sitting in a very prominent spot in our living room for over a year! Doh!

We agreed, we were just to blinded by Jiminy’s charm to notice.


They say they were created especially for Disneyland, but we got them at Walt Disney World.

These were the only two figures they had left in stock, and were the only two we saw throughout our trip, and actually, I’ve never seen them since. So maybe it was just good fortune we came upon them to begin with?

Leaving the price stickers on helps to remind us of what we paid, and will serve as a reference point for pricing them if we ever decide to sell them later. Not likely!

Both figures were designed by artists Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily. There likely are other figures in this series.

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  1. Aurora Troxclair says:

    Hi! I’m a young Catholic woman from Louisiana; I teach dance and am preparing to marry my true love. I come from a Disney-loving family, and I plan on having children after being married to my soon-to-be fiancé, Steven. I also have a degree in care and development of young children. I love cats, and I am obsessed with bandleader Mickey Mouse! No one can foresee exactly what the future holds, but I expect a bright future where this figurine would be cherished for many years. I would like to humbly ask if your bandleader Mickey Mouse figurine is for sale. I do not have much money, but I can tell that he is priceless. Oh! And I’m adopted! Thanks be to God! (and since I’ve told you everything, I might as well tell you EVERYTHING… my boyfriend and I are 23 year old virgins) please don’t think I’m crazy. I was homeschooled, and I have no filter. I’m also quite proud to be pure. Forgive me for my bluntness.
    With hope and love,
    Aurora Clair Francis Troxclair (soon to be Sellers)

    • disneynouns says:

      Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, most of our posts contain items from our personal collections as so aren’t for sale. Many of them have great sentimental value to us! But we wish you the best on your upcoming marriage and hope you are staying safe during this troubling time! Thank you again for reaching out to us!

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