D23 Member Exclusive – Patch and Pin

I recently found these items in a drawer while searching for something else. The first item is a Charter Member gift, but I don’t recall at what point I got it. Was it when I first joined or later?

I do know when I received the next item, however. It came with the Fall 2010 issue of D23 Magazine, which featured a wonderful article that I was just compelled to re-read, entitled “A World of Tomorrow: Inside Walt’s Last Dream”.

There are nine patches representing Epcot symbols, and they were randomly distributed to members.

The one I received represents the symbol of The Land Pavilion.

The back tells the stories of the symbols:

While I’m not a patch person, I can’t bring myself to sell this, as it represents one of my favorite pavilions, in my favorite Disney park, Epcot: Walt’s last dream.

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