Disneyland 1972 Ticket Book

Ticket books were used from July 18, 1955, the official opening day to the public, when there was a Main Gate admission price and each ride or attraction cost between 10¢ and 35¢ in cash. Disney introduced lettered tickets in October 1955, because people felt they were being “nickeled and dimed”.

The “D” tickets were added in 1956, and the famous “E” ticket was introduced in June 1959 after the opening of the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarine attractions. Lettered tickets were phased out in the early 80’s in favor of the all-inclusive admission pricing we have today.

As with most ticket books you’ll find on the market, the “E” tickets for the premium attractions, are usually all gone. This is the case with this book too.

It’s interesting to see what value Disney deemed a ride to be, and to see the attractions that are no longer there.

Not many attractions were given the “B” status. The “A”s have also been used, but I can’t really imagine what is below “Swiss Family Tree House” for excitement.

A checklist for all the attractions!

I’m not sure what general admission was, but $5.95 for 15 Adventures seems pretty reasonable to me! Adjusting for inflation, that would be approximately $32 today.

For another great piece of ephemera from 1972 Disneyland, check out the post: Disneyland 1972-73 Fall/ Winter guide.

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