Walt Disney Classics featuring Ludwig Von Drake

Imagine you’re in school, or you’re back in school, and you go to your geography class for the first time, and standing at the head of the class is a duck. That is a pretty wild imagination you have!

But all things are possible in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color!

This awesome figurines is from the Walt Disney Classics Collection

Titled Wonderful World of Color: Didactic Duck, this is from 2007, the production mark on the bottom is Captain Hook’s hook.

OK, maybe you’re wondering what ‘didactic’ means? The definition: In the manner of a teacher, particularly so as to treat someone in a patronizing way.

Hmm, Ludwig Von Drake – patronizing? Yeah, OK. I can’t argue with that!

Some of the “plussings” are metal glasses frames with acrylic lenses.

The globe is made of porcelain and actually spins


The globe stand is made of metal

Oh, gosh, look at the time, gotta run! You know how ducks can be if you’re late for their class! And if you want to practice your penmanship to impress the teacher, you may want to check out this chalk board officially sanctioned by Drake himself!

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