Mickey Mouse Kitchen Accessories


I love to find a little Disney everywhere I can. It does make me happy to open the utensil drawer in the kitchen and voila: Practical, happy, Mickey utensils!

While all of these things are readily available at the theme parks and may not be particularly collectible, I enjoy using them and having Disney in my everyday life while I am making food in my kitchen.

This is a slightly blurry photo of all my kitchen items:

I bought this ice cream scoop to scoop ice cream. I use it to scoop up pancake batter instead!

When it’s pizza time, this next item comes in really handy. I wasn’t actually expecting it to work well but it has quite a sharp edge and definitely gets the job done:

This is a fridge magnet that I refer to at least once a week. With Canadian cookbooks and recipes online being in metric and American cookbooks and online references being in Imperial measurements, this becomes a great addition to the other Disney fridge magnets:

I admit, I don’t use this tea towel very often, they come in a pack of 2 and the other one has a stain on it so I use it most often and leave this one all pretty and unstained (what a dork!)

I love these napkins. I haven’t even opened the package yet because I still have a pile of those brown napkins from the counter service restaurants at WDW to last me until my next trip. Again, I am a Disney dork, as I am waiting for a really special occasion to break out the ‘good napkins’.

I love what is termed a ‘scattered Mickey’. That is what is encapsulated in this spatula. The Mickey head, gloves, shorts and shoes. This is the one item that people always comment on when I am cooking for them: “You have a Mickey spatula?” Of course I do!

And finally scattered Mickey Salt ‘N Pepper shakers. I love these and at one time thought I would collect S&P shakers but it turns out I am too practical. I only need and use one set of shakers so the collection never happened.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Disney in the kitchen and can’t help but wonder: How much Mickey do you cook with?

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