Mickey Mouse Toothbrush Holder


This toothbrush holder was a gift from a friend, years ago. I brought it home and put it in my bathroom with my one lonely toothbrush in it.

I decided it looked a little sad so I moved it into the living room and now use it as a pen holder. It is ceramic and you can tell that it is slightly imperfect, which I kind of like. It gives it less of a factory made feel. And see, it can hold 4 toothbrushes:

And if you use it for toothbrushes, it has a plug so it can be rinsed out. It is made by Disney and you can tell by the slightly messy paint job and the sticker, that it is hand painted.

Very plain back. Flat so it can fit flush to the wall

And here it is with its collection of Disney pens: 2 resort pens, one dollar store feather pen and one pencil from the Animal Kingdom. This pencil is made with recycled jeans!

There is no way I’d just put normal pencils in this. It just has to be Disney!

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