Mickey Mouse as the Brave Little Tailor RECORD BOOK


I’ve been eyeing this Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor record and story book from 1968 up for a while on eBay, and found it recently on a very successful trip to the Columbus Flea Market.

I felt the $5 asking price was fair, as that is comparable to what I’ve seen it go for in eBay, minus the extra added expense of shipping charges. But enough of all that, let’s take a look at the book. For those unfamiliar with the story, I will relate a very truncated version: A kingdom is being pestered by a giant, and the king offers a reward for his capture.

Mickey, a tailor, is being pestered himself, by several flies

With 2 fly swatters, Mickey dispatches the 7 pests with one blow, which he proudly announces to the people outside his window. The citizens misunderstand, assuming Mickey is talking about taking down 7 giants with one blow!

News gets back to the King, and Mickey is summoned. He discovers that the king expects him to capture just one giant, no problem for someone so brave. He offers the hand of Princess Minnie in return.

Mickey finds the giant, and through ingenuity and tailoring, ties things up nicely

To celebrate, the King decides to hold a big carnival, and the giant provides the wind power to turn the carousel!

  A happy ending for all. But I always wondered what the final fate of the giant was

Someone got creative with the coloring on the last page here. The record itself is in perfect condition.

Released by Disneyland Records

I hope you’ve enjoyed our story time. Please check the search box for more Brave Little Tailor items.

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