Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Vinylmations


Recently, Mary, a co-worker of my wife’s, went to the Olympics in London. And then to Disneyland Paris. She asked my wife if she would like anything. My wife did some investigation, and discovered there were some 20th Anniversary Vinylmations and asked her to pick them up.

On my birthday, she presented me with 2 wrapped boxes that I immediately knew were Vinylmation, but I was completely taken by surprise by the actual items themselves! First up, let’s take a look at Donald. Donald is sporting a Sorcerer type hat, with a crescent moon adorned shirt and a tie:

The box below says, in French: ‘No returns or exchanges, or…refunded’. At least that’s what the French-to-English software I used told me.


“With Vinylmation, the imagination is without end! The Disney artists have created original designs and innovation on the basis of a character in three dimensions. This box contains one of the four figurines of the range ’20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris’. Build your collection with your favorites. You have the choice!”


At the time of me writing this, 12.88 Euros is approximately $16 American! Kind of steep for a Vinylmation!

Nice illustration of Tinker Bell over “Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant”, or “The Castle of the Beauty Sleeping in the Wood”. Wow. French is different!

The other side features an illustration of Mickey Mouse:


And speaking of Mickey Mouse, that is the second figure I received::

I’m going to keep Donald in his box, because I really like the packaging. But I took Mickey out of his box because it was a little damaged.

Mickey here is sporting a Sorcerer hat with matching robes and tie:


I feel the back is…odd. I guess the white strip on the back of the head is the collar to his cape?


Interesting that the bottom of the figure is in English while the majority of the packaging is in French:


My wife also asked Mary to pick up any interesting items featuring her favorite character, Stitch. She bought these two awesome pins:


She also got this really great pin:


Press the button on the back…


… and Stitch’s body pops out!


The bag all the goodies came in:


Some really great gifts from a really great friend!

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  1. Nick Maglio says:

    My wife is pretty great, S.W.A.

  2. An awesome unexpected birthday gift. Kudos to your wife.

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