Pooh’s Hunny Pot Tea Set

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

I picked this Winnie the Pooh honey and tea set up at the Columbus Flea Market recently for $5. My wife is a honey lover, and I thought she’d love this, especially the honey pot:


I mean “Hunny Pot”


I’m not sure what “honey syrup” is, and neither my wife nor I have been adventurous enough to find out. The tea is pretty good, though.

The real star of this show is the Hunny Pot!

So cute!

So, who’s up for a spot of tea? With honey!

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4 Responses to Pooh’s Hunny Pot Tea Set

  1. I love morecoloringpages, but also find many great coloring ops at educationalcoloringpages too!

    Watch for the return of The Joke of the Day series, which will feature links to this great Disney coloring site.


  2. Nick Maglio says:

    It is a BEEutiful little set, isn't it?


  3. Adams John says:

    Lovely Pooh's Hunny Pot. I have seen my kids to color such pots on http://www.morecoloringpages.com


  4. Now that really is a SWEET find!


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