Mickey Solar-Powered Bobble

Guest Blogger: Gaylin

A few trips ago, maybe in 2005, I picked up this Mickey Solar-Powered Bobble from the Disney Sunshine Friends collection:


I love this guy. He sat in my living room quietly bobbling back and forth until this spring. I guess he bobbled too much and now just sits still. Very sad, but still cute!

I think it is rather weird that Mickey has no mouth. Who is going to eat that popcorn? The slice in the top of the popcorn is to hold one of two cardboard signs that came with this. I couldn’t find the signs when I was taking the photos.

At 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide, he doesn’t take up much room. I bought this at Walt Disney World, obviously you could get it at Disneyland as well.

The little red plastic balloon is on a spring and wobbles when poked

Yes, you can see that the solar panel is clean – it just doesn’t work anymore

Disney trade mark. Made in China.

Somehow I managed to save the packaging it came in. I like how it says ‘never needs batteries’. It doesn’t say it will always work!

On the bottom you can see the two memo cards it came with. Both had Mickey on the front with space to write on the back.

Oh, and Mickey says: “Have a Disney Day!”

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3 Responses to Mickey Solar-Powered Bobble

  1. Polly's girl says:

    I have the same thing, but as stitch instead of Mickey. So cute, I love it.

  2. Gaylin says:

    Hey Nick, I was pretty sad when it stopped bobbling but happy it lasted as long as it did. It made a little tick-tick sound as it bobbled, I miss that.

  3. Nick Maglio says:

    It lasted 7 years or so? Pretty good! Longer than most folks get from most electronic items these days.

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