Figment’s Going to Walt Disney World

Figment has his bags packed, and, not surprisingly, he’s heading to Walt Disney World. But  more specifically: Epcot.

Instead of an ID, credit cards, and photos of Dreamfinder, Figment’s wallet seems to contain, well, his name. Which, I suppose, makes that his ID.

This large resin Figment was a gift from my wife. She won’t divulge the price, but says she got a good deal on eBay, not anywhere near the original price of $95 US. It came from The Art of Disney shop in Downtown Disney.

At 9 inches tall, and 7 wide, this is a hefty piece

But back to Figment and his trip to Walt Disney World. What do you suppose he has packed in those bags? Well, let’s take a look in the one on the ground there:

Hmm, looks like a shirt…

It is indeed a shirt. A Figment shirt!

Actually, it’s a Figment shirt, resin pin

Today, we are also heading to Walt Disney World,  and I’m sure we’ll see Figment there!

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3 Responses to Figment’s Going to Walt Disney World

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    Thank you!

  2. I'd say 'Enjoy you're happy place' too, but I'm purple with envy!

  3. Great detail on this piece with the suitcase and shirt pin inside. Enjoy your happy place.

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