Wreck-It-Ralph at the Disney Store

Today, Wreck-It-Ralph, the story of a video game bad guy who wants to go good, is being released by Disney, and the Disney Store has a wide assortment of merchandise.

Plush Ralph


Plush Fix-it Felix, Jr., the good guy

Nice retro arcade game graphic style graphic tees.

Figurine play set

Disney has some nice merchandise for girls as well, with a  character called Venellope Von Schweetz, from the racing video game, “Sugar Rush”, and other female characters.

In fact, while I was there, this young lady picked out a Venellope plush for herself.


Wreck-It-Ralph is Disney’s 52nd Theatrical Animated Feature.

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2 Responses to Wreck-It-Ralph at the Disney Store

  1. cartoons8 says:

    A very clever, delightfully funny and visually stunning Disney film. And yet we end up watching it having already seen its potential to be something much more enticing.


    • disneynouns says:

      I liked it and have re watched it many times. Do you have something in particular that you thought would have made it better? Interesting to think about! Thanks for commenting!


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