Fix-It Felix Jr. Cup Topper

When I attend the local Galaxy cinemas, I like to pick up the latest cup topper. Usually Disney will offer these for their more popular releases. Of course, you can only get them by buying a Kid’s Combo ($5.00) which gives you a scoop of popcorn and a sprinkle of pop.

Oh, the things I do for collecting!

Felix is the maintenance man of an apartment building in Niceland, and he possesses a magic hammer that fixes anything.

He is voiced by Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth on the American situation comedy, “Thirty Rock”.

While not repairing the damage caused by Ralph, Felix spends his time helping the other residents of Niceland.

The figure comes off the top of the lid, but I’m going to display it just like this, as I dig the retro video game graphics on the cup.

If you go see Wreck-It Ralph, I hope you Enjoy-It! And be sure to pick up yourself a great cup topper!

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