Trip Report: The Daily Loot – Days 1 and 2

Trip Report: Walt Disney World


Guest Blogger: Gaylin

Whenever I get home from a Disney vacation, I unpack all my souvenirs, presents, treats, etc and take a ‘loot’ photo. That way there is one photo for every vacation where I can see what I bought for others or myself and can know what year/trip any item came from.

This vacation I decided to do something different. Every evening when I got back to the hotel (Pop Century, room 6134), I took a photo of whatever I bought that day. I apologize that some of the photos in this series of Trip Reports are blurry, I was often very tired by the time I got back and just snapped a photo without checking the quality!

The first evening that I arrived, at 6:30 p.m. EST (having been awake since 3 a.m. PST) my main focus was food. So I dropped my bags in the room and caught a bus to Downtown Disney. After shoveling chicken and mashed potatoes and crème brulee in my mouth (Wolfgang Puck’s Express), I went to do some shopping. I quickly realized I was way too tired to deal with the Friday night crowds and bought one thing and went back to the resort to go to sleep.

Day 1 Loot


The pin is to go with the Dory tattoo I got 3 weeks before I went on this trip.

Day 2 loot

The next day I went to the Festival of Masters art weekend at Downtown Disney and was overwhelmed with the amount of artist vendors booths (over 240) the sidewalk chalk artists, and the craft booths. It was a very impressive event. Also, Downtown Disney = shopping!

The colouring books are for a friend, I bought a 5 pack of mystery pins and these are the ones I traded and kept. The 2 small glass objects are art glass paperweights I bought from one of the many booths that were selling art glass. While I love art glass, there was a much better chance I would buy a couple of $5 paperweights instead of the $4000 chandelier. I didn’t think the chandelier would fit in my carry-on! The long chain on the table is a hand strung line of glass beads and mirrors to hang in a window to catch the light. The women in this booth were awesome and I had a great conversation with them as well as buying the chain. The box in the back contains a salt and pepper shaker set with the Nightmare characters on them for a friend.

The next thing I bought this day was:

A close up of the box

Isn’t this the cutest Tigger ever! It is from a new line of figurines by pop artist Romero Britto. Some of the figurines in this line were a bit weird looking to me but I love this Tigger. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet; I need to decide where his ‘home’ will be in my apartment. This figurine cost $22.00 with some up the bigger figs costing over $40.

I didn’t spend the whole day at Downtown Disney because the crowd level became huge, I was happy that I had gotten there first thing in the morning and had a chance to see a good percentage of what was there before the crowds built up. I took my loot back to the resort and then got on a bus to Epcot, where I spent the rest of the day enjoying the 3rd to last day of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I had some treats but didn’t buy anything else.

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2 Responses to Trip Report: The Daily Loot – Days 1 and 2

  1. Gaylin says:

    Hey Nick, it does make an great way to remember each trip and I love to unpack and arrange all my goodies for that final photo. Also I get the Nightmare stuff for a friends daughter and this way I can look over the photos before I go on vacation and hopefully don't end up buying duplicates of things for her.
    This also makes a good last photo in an album or scrap book or just the digital file so you know, sadly, it is the last vacation photo.

  2. Nick Maglio says:

    Love the “loot” photo idea, Gaylin! We'll be using that ourselves going forward!

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