Trip Report: The Daily Loot – Days 3 and 4

Trip Report: Walt Disney World


Guest Blogger: Gaylin

Day 3 loot

The next morning (Sunday) I decided to head back to Downtown Disney first-thing to see the rest of the booths before the crowds built up. Again it was a great morning. If you are a collector of Disney music, I highly recommend this ‘Classically Disney’ CD; since I have been home I have listened to it quite a bit, I even loaded it on my computer at work. The little snowman Disney pin in this photo was a trade, and then I decided I didn’t really like it and it went back in my pocket to be traded again. I always pick up a scarf (as mentioned before) when I go to Disney. There was quite a selection of scarves this year, unfortunately they were very thin and the cost had gone up. I finally found this black/grey one; it has some weight to it and is a nice addition to my collection. The bowl is a present for a friend’s little boy.

Again, I went back to the resort, put the loot away in the loot drawer – hey, doesn’t everyone set aside one drawer for treasure! Then I had a nap and went over to the Magic Kingdom for the evening. I didn’t do any shopping but I did have a great time. I had one of the best Jungle Cruise captains ever.

Day 4 loot

Okay, this is the first blurry one, obviously not a big shopping day.

A hair band and some barrettes. I spent the daytime at Epcot. As it was the last day of the Food and Wine Festival, it was necessary that I go to the Ireland kiosk for flourless chocolate lava cake with Bailey’s ganache! Best dessert ever. It was over 30C (86F), the crowds were heavy (Veteran’s Day holiday). I was glad to be on my own so I could slip through the crowds with ease. I decided to see if the crowds were smaller elsewhere, so I caught a boat to Hollywood Studios to see the light-up of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This is something not to be missed, I admit I teared up; it is overwhelming in the best possible way. I will blame the long, tiring day for the blurry photo!

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