Vinylmation Classic Collection

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio

I long for the days when Disney would release Vinylmation Series I have no interest in at all! But They keep coming out with wave after wave of character Vinyls that I can’t resist! This is without a doubt the set I want the most figures from since I fell for Vinylmation. The Classic Collection features black and white figures from the earliest days of some of our favorite Disney characters, as well as other underutilized cast members, and a couple that I really am not familiar with.

The box

The only figures I have no interest in are the pig and the goat. The chaser is none other than Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!

 I bought 4 to start with, and here’s who I got: Clara Cluck’s first appearance was the 1934 Mickey Mouse short, “Orphan’s Benefit”.

She comes with a removable hat. In fact, please note, the hats for the figures come in a separate little bag.

 The series is by Disney artist Eric Caszatt

Horace Horsecollar made his debut way back in the 1929 short, “The Plowboy”, where he played Mickey’s horse.

I mentioned that the hats come in separate bags above for a very good reason. I didn’t notice Horace came with a tiny hat…and threw it out! I could not find it anywhere! If I get another, I will use this one as a trader.

Clarabelle Cow goes all the way back to the Mickey Mouse cartoon  “Plane Crazy” in 1928.

Clarabelle doesn’t come with a hat, but does have a 3D tail.

Last but not least, we have Dippy Dawg.

Who, you may ask, is Dippy Dawg? Dippy Dawg was the name that animators gave to a new character who first appeared in “Mickey’s Revue” in 1932 . He would go through several changes, and wouldn’t get his true name, Goofy, until “Orphan’s Benefit” in 1934.

His very awesome detachable hat!

I plan on getting more of this series!

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2 Responses to Vinylmation Classic Collection

  1. Nick Maglio says:

    I actually wouldn't feel had the whole set, unless I had Oswald. If you get one and send it to me, I promise to get the pig and goat.

  2. Lee Beatens says:

    WOW! You got the four main supporting characters from the earliest Mickey Shorts on your first tries! That's awesome!

    But I think you should go for the pig and the goat, just so you can say you have one complete Vinylmation series.

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