Trip Report: The Daily Loot – Days 5 and 6

Trip Report: Walt Disney World


Guest Blogger: Gaylin

Day 5 loot

It seemed like a good day to head over to the Animal Kingdom as it’s usually a good shopping day for me. Today was a two-purchase day; One ornament is another present for a friend and the other ornament is actually an antenna topper. More Christmas product was added in the stores overnight and more decorations were added to the Park and the Resort.

Day 6 Loot

Wow, I am really NOT doing a good job on spending money! This package of Disney Princess tattoos will get split between two friends with kids and the notepad is for me which has a magnet strip on the back to attach it to the fridge.

Today was Magic Kingdom in the morning, a nap in the afternoon and the evening at Epcot. The crowd levels had dropped quite a bit overnight, I guess everyone had to get their kids back to school.

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