Beautiful Disneyland Postcards featuring Attractions

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio

I picked these 3 Disneyland postcards up from one vendor recently. Usually I wouldn’t buy postcards without someone’s vacation writings, but the man offered 3 postcards for $2, so I went for it. Plus they were in beautiful condition.

The first 2 are from between 1956 and 1966.

“Guests entering the Magic Kingdom are greeted  by a floral Mickey Mouse and the Santa Fe and Disneyland Depot where a scaled down model of a passenger train of another era puffs out of the station to take them on a scenic tour of Disneyland.”
Each postcard has a logo, representing the land it’s from. This one is for Main Street, USA.
The Jungle Cruise is never actually mentioned by name on this next postcard!
Elephant Bathing Pool
“Far from civilization, in the remote jungles of Asia, an explorer’s boat cruises past Indian elephants at play in their sacred bathing pool-one of the many thrills that await jungle travelers in the wonder world of Adventureland.
This last piece is a postcard/booklet from 1967. Adventure thru Inner Space: Presented by Monsanto opened in 1967 as part of the new Tomorrowland, and closed in 1985.

The cover of the booklet is the postcard.

“A view of Monsanto Company’s attraction “Adventure Thru Inner Space” in Disneyland. Located in the newly expanded Tomorrowland, the futuristic building houses a ride through the inner space of a snowflake, in a vehicle called an “Atomobile”. The rider feels the unusual illusion of shrinking to the size of the atom.”
The first half of the book is a look at the ride.
The second half is a look at the products of Monsanto and some of “its many costumers.”
Facts about Monsanto.
The back cover.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your Adventure thru Disleelandia today.
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