1960 Disneyland Metal Lunch Box and Thermos

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio

In honor of the Disney Nouns Blog founder Lee’s trip to Disneyland, I thought I’d share this metal lunch box from around 1960, as well as a couple memories from my first trip.

This lunch box features several major attractions, The Matterhorn Bobsleds, Monorail, and on the opposite side, the Submarine Voyage, which all opened on one very memorable day, June 14, 1959!

In the picture below, you’ll notice a mermaid in the lower left corner. For the dedication of the new Submarine ride attraction at Disneyland, the opening ceremonies had several actresses portraying mermaids, performing a synchronized swimming routine in the lagoon. There seems to be conflicting information as to how long these live mermaids remained in the lagoon. As far as I know, there were never live sharks or other fish in the water!
The top, bottom and sides all feature a wrap around illustration of other attractions of Disneyland. Here we have the Disneyland Band marching up Main Street U.S.A.
Continuing into Frontierland. I’ve found information on actual stagecoaches being in Disneyland, but doubt that a team of horses ever came tearing through!
On to the Rivers of America and a look at the Mark Twain Riverboat.
And finally, around to the Sailing Ship Columbia.
The inside is pretty clean considering the age.
The thermos is actually my favorite part, featuring Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Railroad and Main Street Station.
Much smaller than Walt Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle, but to me, THIS is the most magical castle in all of the world, because this was seen and touched by Walt Disney himself. The first time I saw it in person, having grown up seeing it on “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” as well as other television programs, I got very emotional.
Around to the railroad…
…going by the Station.
The box and thermos are in pretty good shape, with just a little bit of rust and wear.
On our first trip, the weather was cold, damp and windy, but that didn’t stop us from having a terrific and magical time.
Please join me in wishing Lee better luck with the weather on his trip, and that he has as wonderful a time as we did.
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  1. That's one snazzy lunch box! And have fun Lee!

  2. Lee Beatens says:

    Thanks Nick! Looks like the highest temp we'll have is about 58 degrees if the forecast is right.

    We'll have a 'hot' time anyway!

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