Mickey Mouse Paint Box with Space Theme

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio

I recently received this paint box as a gift from my wife, bought from a thrift shop. She wouldn’t tell me what she paid, but says it is well below what comparable boxes are going for on auction sites. (Less than $13.00). For an in depth story of how she came upon it, please check out her post over at her blog, Disney Musings.

Paint boxes are very collectable. I don’t have any others at this time, but have always thought the graphics were really wonderful and the colors vibrant.

There is no paint in the box, but it is in excellent shape, with no scratches or paint stains.

The inside features illustrations of the “Fab Five”, and Dopey.
This was an approved product of the Crayon, Water Color and Craft Institute, Inc., which insured art materials were not toxic. This company, originally formed in 1936, was renamed the Art and Craft Materials Institute in 1982.
Copyright Walt Disney Productions.
Manufactured by Transogram Company, Inc. New York City.
A “Gold Medal” craft set. Nice!
So, here is the tricky part. What year was it manufactured? From what I can gather, it’s from the 1950’s. The Transogram Company, established in 1915, was a New York company until 1959, making such popular games as “Tiddledy Winks”, when it became incorporated in Pennsylvania.

As I mentioned above, these are very collectable, and are not cheap! But now I’m hooked, and will be looking for more reasonably priced boxes. If I acquire more, you loyal readers will be the first to know!

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