Disney Infinity Gaming System and Accessories

By now, anyone who purchased the new Disney Infinity gaming system has no doubt played it and played it and played it! I’ve had it since the Canadian release date but…

… still haven’t set it up!!!!!

I bought the starter pack for my Wii system. I must say, the three figures do look good sitting on my collectibles shelf.

Now here’s the silliest thing: I’ve collected almost all of the 20 power discs from Series One. I’m only missing (at this point) Mickey’s Car and the three ‘rare’ discs. My reasoning is to have all of them before I crack the game open for the first play.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling the wife as she sees me buying stuff for a game I’m… not playing.

For just $10 I couldn’t resist the power disc capsule to store all of my (unused) power discs!

And not wanting my Infinity base to get damaged (from all of the disuse it’s getting) I picked up this clear protector case for under $15.
I pre-ordered my Infinity game at Toys-R-Us and so couldn’t resist picking up this awesome-looking transparent Lightning McQueen with exclusive powers! Whatever they are.
So what about you, my Disney compatriots? Have you succumbed to Disney’s latest cash cow and gone nuts buying every power disc and exclusive character you can find?
No? Just me then. OK. I’m good with that!
I’ll let you know how I like the game… when I get around to playing it…
EDITORIAL NOTE: By now you know that Disney has discontinued this gaming platform, leaving fans and players at loose ends. I was so disgusted with Disney’s handling of the whole thing I sold off my console, keeping only the characters for my shelves. Well, at least we got some well done figurines out of it all!
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