Pixar’s Toy Story JESSE Dolls from Mattel

One of the stand-out characters from Toy Story 2 was Jesse, the Yodeling Cowgirl. It was amazing to see her introduce Woody to all of the vintage merchandise from his marionette TV show! Right from the first blush, I’ve wanted to add her to my toy collection.

The Roundup Gang 003

The Roundup Gang merchandise

But here’s the thing: Almost all of the dolls produced of Jesse look… freaky. The manufacturers seemed to pattern her expression off the scene where Woody first meets her and she is closing in on him. Remember?

The Roundup Gang 001

The Roundup Gang 002

“It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!” – Jesse

Since then, I’ve been able to buy one deluxe version (with real wool hair and normal expression) and now these two great dolls from Mattel:

Jesse Cowgirl Fr     Jesse Cowgirl Bk

Jesse Cowgirl Tp


Jesse Square Dance Fr     Jesse Square Dance Bk

Jesse Square Dance Tp


There’s a Lots of Looks Jesse but the vendor only had these two of the set. I was able to get them for $10 US each plus tax, which I thought was quite reasonable. Both go for over $30 US on eBay, plus shipping. He had three of the Square Dance Jesse doll and two of the Cowgirl Jesse doll. This was good as I was able to take the ones in the best condition.

Mattel marketed these in 2001 as part of the Toy Story and Beyond! line. This opened up the merchandising of the movie to feature costumes and props that weren’t in the original movies but were merely inspired by them.

Well, I reckon it’s time for this cowpoke to two-step out of here, so git along little bloggers!

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