OUTLAND Comic Strip featuring Disney and Mickey Mouse

In the immortal words of Monty Python: “And now for something completely different.” In other words, if you’re easily offended, please scroll down to an older post (actually, it’s not that bad!)

One of my hobbies as a self-professed Amateur Disney Historian is to find odd bits of Disney minutia wherever they may be found. And in whatever form they may take. Even if that form is a little… out there:

Outland Title Sheet

Does anyone remember Opus, the puffin?

How about Bill, the cat? These characters are well known (in some circles) for their political satire and biting commentary on… just about everything. So it isn’t surprising that Disney would come into the crosshairs, which it does in the first collection of the Outland comic strip:

Outland Comic Strip 001     Outland Comic Strip 002

The Mortimer Mouse story (sort of)

The joke is that Disney is going to sue Outland for using Mickey Mouse without permission, so these two pages are supposed to explain that it is actually Mortimer Mouse being depicted, and not Mickey. And it also purports to tell just how Mortimer left Disney to join the gang over at Outland.

Innocent enough fun but also a bit edgier than Disney would ever be!

But being a fan of animation, comic strips, and such, I just couldn’t leave this book on the shelf once I noticed a Disney reference. And two things really made me sit up and take notice:

Outland Comic Strip 003

A credible pic of Walt Disney

I thought the artist did a great job of not only doing a great rendering of Walt himself, but also of making an image that could come from 1938.

Outland Comic Strip 004

The Earful Tower!

I just can’t get enough of this Disney Icon! I hope Disney’s Hollywood Studios starts to give this neglected wonder some of the love it deserves.

In my defense (for writing such a post) I direct your attention to an interesting article called The Blogging Food Groups: A Well-balanced Diet of Content by Jason Miller. There he postulates that a blog should have a variety of content to maintain the interest of a readership. This post would (or may) fall under the heading of a ‘condiment’ in that it contains content that provides ‘a bold statement with a strong point of view.’ Or it may be ‘meat’, but you’d have to click on the link, read the definitions, and decide for yourself.

In any event, this Outland strip caught my eye, and for what it’s worth, I present it to you.

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