Walt Disney’s Tintype Portrait from Greenfield Village

Tintype Portrait 003

When my wife and I lived in the Windsor area, just across the border from Detroit, we held an Annual Pass to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. But our favorite part of that great institution was Greenfield Village!

Greenfield Village

Here you can go back in time to when the electric light bulb was only installed in one house, the Model T was just getting started, and living was simpler and more wholesome. And you can even ride in a real Model T, just like we did here:

Model T Ride

But if that’s not enough to get you to make a trip to Michigan, how about visiting a site where Walt Disney himself visited? Now if that’s got your interest piqued, then you need to visit this building:


Unassuming, ain’t it?

This is the Tintype Studio where Walt Disney and Ward Kimball got their portraits done during one of the two visits Walt made to Greenfield Village. Trivia: Both trips were made before Disneyland was constructed, and some say Henry Ford’s property influenced some of the features found in Walt’s Park.



Note Walt’s pose in the bottom left corner

So if you live in the States but a trip to California just isn’t going to happen, than perhaps a trip to the other Park that Walt walked in might be more within your reach!

Footnote: Many sites are featuring Springtime photos of Disneyland and Walt Disney World showing how beautiful these Parks are this time of year. Well, Greenfield Village doesn’t have to settle for runner-up in any beauty contest, as these parting shots will show:




011+     096

107 +

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