More Artwork from the Disneyland Hotel

We’ve only visited The Happiest Place on Earth once and didn’t get to stay in the original Disneyland Hotel. Instead, we stayed at one of the Good Neighbor hotels just across the street. But we couldn’t leave without at least walking the halls and visiting the lobbies of this famous Disney landmark!

DLH 1 +

What we found most inviting was the artwork that seemed to cover almost every wall. And of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph some of it:

 DLH 38     DLH 35

DLH 36

Picture-perfect history

These three pieces show some of the great history behind this iconic hotel including one devoted to the many celebrities who have visited or stayed there over the years.

You can find this artwork in the lower lobby of the Fantasy Tower (I believe) at the base of the stairs/escalators just across from Goofy’s Kitchen.

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