Disney Treats and Things to Eat (even Gluten-Free)

Food. Need I say more? Well, whether I do or not, I’m going to. Food. This commodity is almost as important as the attractions for the success of a Disney vacation. Poor selection or bad presentation can ruin what should be an enjoyable extensive of your visit.

But honestly, who remembers a slab of beef or a piece of chicken with fondness? So when I say ‘Food’ I really mean:

Disneyland 457 +


Ah, yes! Sweet dessert. When on vacation, I say ‘Hang the calories and pass the treat!’ So although I have been known to take a picture of a hamburger or fancy chicken salad, it’s the pictures of the desserts I look at again and again. Pictures like:

EPCOT 94 +     CA 2 +

Disneyland 139 +

Sorry, folks! This last dessert was only available during the Limited Time revival of The Golden Horseshoe Revue

Disneyland 47 +     For you Gluten-Free fans

I have it on good authority that this gluten-free brownie is quite good if you have it heated up. It’s as close to food heaven as you’re going to get on a gluten-free diet!

Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store     Hollywood 30 +     Hollywood

This great little soda shop beside the El Capitan Theatre is able to cater to a gluten-free diet as well. Sundaes like this one are delicious, but a tad expensive.

Feel like you need more selection? Disney Parks have lots of displays like this one:

Don’t see something you like?     Disneyland 555 +     You’re just not trying!

Now any gourmet Dessert Eater will tell you that there is a proper way to eat the treats. It’s all about the sitting position. The facial expression. The holding of the hands. Allow Karen to demonstrate:

In the house of Minnie Mouse     Disneyland 638     Disneyland

And that concludes our not-so healthy look at food. But again, the best kind of food: Dessert!

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