Should the Disney Monorail System be Everywhere?

Monorail Purple

Walt Disney never intended the monorail to stay in his theme parks. He wanted it to be used to link major centers in California, and of course, this wish would have spilled over to Florida as well. Alas, it wasn’t to be! Light Rail prevailed and surface trains still rule the transportation world.

At least in North America.

But Walt did prove that it was a viable form of mass transportation with an unparalleled safety quotient. So I want to know why my other car can’t be a monorail!

OK, maybe the millions of dollars it would cost to build my own beamway might inhibit my plans to glide down to the corner store for a bag of milk, but a guy can dream!


Do they sell bags of milk at the Contemporary Resort?

Another cool thing about having my own personal monorail would be the ability to trick, or pimp, it out! I could paint it in all kinds of different colors, or:

Tronorail     The Tronorail. Mine would be a Jagorail!

Yes, my other car is actually a vintage 1987 Jaguar painted a deep burgundy, so if I could wrap that idea around my other other car (my monorail) I’d be a happy (although somewhat eccentric) driver/pilot!

Honestly…  Jaguar Grill  … a leaping Jaguar on a monorail = COOLNESS!

So who’s with me? Personal monorails for everyone with miles and miles of two-way beams to take us here and there and everywhere else besides. And if it’s not too much trouble, could you pick me up a bag of milk while you’re out please?

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  1. I think it’s a great idea! In fact, my daughter has the “my other car is a monorail” sticker on the bag of her car! Maybe someday . . .

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