Disney Bling – Jewelry and Watches

Clothes are nice, and collectibles can bring joy, but nothing can satisfy like Disney Bling! And just what kind of Disney Bling do I have to show you today? How about:

Necklace  Jewellery Mickey Icon Necklace +     Jewellery Marie Earring +  Earrings

Jewellery Minnie Lapel Pin +  Stick Pin

Bracelet  Jewellery Seven Dwarfs Bracelet +

Of course, you’re going to want something to put all of this Bling in, so may I suggest:

 A Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger too) Jewellery Box, complete with Pooh figurine  Jewellery Pooh Box +

Just because we’re talking about jewellery, doesn’t mean we have to leave out the guys, so for the men out there, how about:

Jewellery Watch Goofy Backwards +  A Goofy Backwards Watch

Or a vintage vending machine Mickey Mouse Ring  Jewellery Ring Mickey 3 +

As there is more Disney Bling than stars in the sky (gross exaggeration) it would be impossible to include every available piece in this post, so I’ll just leave you with one more piece from my wife’s collection:

A Hidden Mickey  Jewellery Mickey Necklace  Watch +  Watch Necklace

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