What if the Paparazzi Reported on Disney Princesses?


Happily ever after. Every Disney movie seems to end that way, but especially if it’s a Princess movie! Of course, we don’t live in that kind of a world, do we?

Celebrities are constantly being maligned. Their lives are reported on and distorted beyond recognition. Sometimes it’s unbelievable the headlines we see!

So I wondered: What kind of headlines would the Disney Princesses make in today’s tabloids?

Well, let’s have a look…

Snow White

Teenage Girl Arrested for Polygamy With Seven Men


Parents of Comatose Girl Decide to Remove Life Support


Lonely Woman’s Strange Hobby: Sewing Clothes for Mice


Girl Found on Beach Half-naked, Fined, Defendant Speechless


Royalty Involved in Peasant Scandal, Loses Crown


Woman Turns Down He-man, Marries Man-Beast


Young Lady Committed, Claims Tree is Grandmother, Talks to Raccoon


Girl Charged With Tom-peepery, Found by Men’s Bathing Pool


Family Disowns Daughter for Alternative Lifestyle After Kissing Frog


Girl Arrested After Striking Man With Frying Pan, Claims Self Defense


Scottish Lass Turns Mother, Brothers into Bears (you can’t make this stuff up!)

Anna and Elsa

Ice Queens Put the Freeze on Mankind. Wait… what?

Bonus Princess: Alice

Little Girl Talks to Pet Rabbit, Eats Strange Mushroom, Parents Appauled

So I guess it’s for the best that these stories take place far, far away in a time long, long ago, and not in our modern world!

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