Dinner and a Star Wars Jedi Show

Why settle for dinner and a movie when you can watch the Force battle the Dark Side while you chew on a burger and fries!

In 2013, we visited Disneyland for the first time and stopped for lunch in Tomorrowland and were delighted to learn that we were just in time for the Jedi Training Academy. So we picked a table up front and waited for:

The entrance of the Jedi Master     Force Entrance     “You want to share your fries with me.”

Jedi     Time for some greetings and basic instructions

Now, what kind of food do you suppose someone who supports the Force would eat? How about:

Jedi Food     Jedi like Coke and pudding. And fries.

But it’s not all about the Jedi, as this next entrance shows:

Dark Side Entrance

Best Entrance: The Dark Side!

Darth Vader Darth Maul Storm Troopers

The usual suspects

Then there was a bunch of faux fighting, kids waving Light Sabers, and cheering. Yada yada (or Yoda yoda). But what you’re really interested in is what the Dark Side eats for lunch. Well:

Gluten-free burger     Dark Side Food     Fries

Yes, the Dark Side likes to eat Gluten-free because it makes you suffer. Yes. It just does. If only the combined power of the Jedi and the Dark Side could create a better bun!

But only one person in the galaxy (far, far away) could possible make such a thing possible:

Darth Zurg

“Buzz. I am your father! Have a gluten-free bun.”

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