Snow White’s Fairest of Them All Glossies

Karen and I don’t usually seek out opportunities to pose with characters during our visits to the Parks. The lines can be long and we just feel we want to spend our time more wisely. But I do love getting a good picture of a character.

So today I’ll share a few shots I took of Disney’s very first Princess: Snow White

166+     2007 In Disney’s Hollywood Studios

202+      2008 In The Magic Kingdom

146     2008 In Epcot

We only have this last shot because it was raining anamorphic cats and dogs in Epcot and Disney had pulled all of the characters out of the Pavilions in World Showcase and put them in one place. We got poses with over half a dozen characters in one lineup, which was short, as most people didn’t know it was happening.

How do you feel about Meet and Greets? Waste of time or awesome photo-ops?

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