Top 5 Walt Disney World Things We Want Everywhere!

Part of the magic behind a Disney vacation is revisiting those things that you just can’t get anywhere else. When we experience them for the first time at the Parks, we are hooked! During each visit we taste, ride, see, or hear them again and again.

But what if we could experience those things year round in our own backyard, so to speak? In that vein, here is my Top 5 list of WDW things we want everywhere:

Gimmie No. 5


Attention to Detail. No one does this like Disney! Every detail is plussed to the max. The cleanliness stands out, as does the extraordinary theming. And I’m not alone in desiring a little Disney detailing in my everyday life, as the TV show Backyard Disney attests!

Gimmie No. 4

Doll Whip     Doll Whip     Doll Whip

Dole Whip. I don’t think you can even get this Island Treat in the real Hawaii! But if you’re one of the people who will stand in line for hours just to get a spoonful, then you know that this confection should be sold worldwide!

Gimmie No. 3

Cast Members

Cast Members. Imagine if all service personnel that you come into contact with during your normal day had that Disney attitude! No more surly grocery store clerks. No more indifferent bank tellers. Just smiling faces everywhere!

And my wife said that what she would like is a Cast Member standing on every corner to help her find her way. On the street. In the mall. Everywhere! Nothing like that two-finger point to clarify your direction in life.

Gimmie No. 2


Monorails. OK, I know these marvels of transportation are found outside WDW. Las Vegas has one (for now), as does most of Asia. But here in North America, a Monorail ride is almost impossible to enjoy outside the berm, as it were!

Imagine again that your child could walk to the end of your driveway and board a Monorail to school. Morning commutes to work on Monorail Teal? Bring it on! And no more light rail trains to block you at every intersection. Now that’s my vision of transportation heaven!

Gimmie No. 1

Mickey Bar

Mickey Premium Bars. Delish! There really is no need to try to convince anyone that this would be a good idea as I’m sure everyone is on board for this one!

Have I missed your favorite WDW thing that you want everywhere? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. I don’t know why but I would enjoy the park soundtrack to follow me throughout my day. Can you imagine arriving at work and hearing the announcer presenting the rope drop!

  2. Love it… YES YES YES YES YES.. 5 yes’s to those 5 things! 😀 ~

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