Posing for Pics at Walt Disney World

Obviously, WDW is one of the most popular places on Earth to take pictures. But that makes it a challenge to take good pictures that will stand out, to do something that hasn’t been done before. The pictures I’m about to share with you may not win awards, but I present them anyway to show five types of posed pictures you can take at WDW.

First     132     Interact with Characters

Most of my character pictures look the same: Karen and I are just standing there, and so are they. So this time we tried to plus it up a bit by striking the same pose being as we were wearing the same shirts. Friends of ours usually engage the characters in some sort of play which yields an even better image!

Bottom Line: Don’t end up with a line of bean poles

Second     174     Utilize the Surroundings

Most of the Parks and Resorts have interesting structures or visual cues that you can pose with in an interesting way. Here, Karen is standing in front of the fake street set in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Typically, most would simply stand facing forward and smile, but instead Karen looked away from the camera as if trying to find something in the background. This lent a level of realism to the picture. It’s possible one wouldn’t know the background was fake.

Bottom Line: Interact with your background to engage the viewer

Third     187     Use Props

Props are everywhere! Again, here I am just standing beside the taxi. But while passing the Herbie the Love Bug prop car, we saw a man laying down in front of Herbie just under the bumper, as if Herbie was running him over. It was hilarious!

Bottom Line: Ham it up when using a prop

Fourth     191 +  193     Posing

Posing itself is important. I felt that the background behind me was intricate and powerful, so I adopted a firm stance. Karen opted for a ‘Singing in the Rain’ pose while interacting with this lamp-post. Both the backgrounds and the poses are equally evocative.

Bottom Line: Try to match your prop or surroundings

Fifth     225     Framing

Sometimes you just want a shot of the family together. Even so, you can still make the shot visually interesting. Here Karen and her parents are sitting in very nice surroundings at The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I’ve framed them in the center of the shot with the couch and flowers providing some general interest.

Bottom Line: Symmetry always works

I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about photography while looking at some of my boring family pictures that you otherwise would have tried to avoid!

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  1. Great Disney photo tips! I love the idea of hamming it up with the characters and need to work up my nerve next time so our pictures don’t all look the same! LOL

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