Disney’s PhotoPass Program May Cost Too Much

So you’ve been at The Happiest Place on Earth for 5 full days and 4 fun-filled nights. You’ve visited every Park and eaten at all of your favorite restaurants. As you pack to leave, you’re finding it hard to fit all of those souvenirs into your suitcase.

Yes, it’s another successful Disney vacation!

But wait! Did you save enough cash for your Disney’s PhotoPass PhotoCD? Nope!

For five years, I prowled around the Parks looking for those crowded Meet-and-Greets with the Disney Characters, and then posed away a small part of my vacation time. Sometimes I would manage only 10 or 20 good shots. Other times over 75. Some of my friends have managed to rack up an impressive 200 or 300 shots!

Big Red 2

Now, we all know the drill: When you get home, you log on to the official Disney’s PhotoPass site and enter your card number. Then you can modify your pictures by cropping or by adding borders. Once done, you simply click on the PhotoCD option, and you will soon be… about $100 poorer! And let’s face it, most of us may have about 20 good shots, or maybe 50 at most, so the math doesn’t add up.

Would it surprise you to know that one of the most popular searches on the Internet these days is ‘how to steal Disney PhotoPass pictures’? I kid you not. Now from this, a reasonable person would conclude that maybe, just maybe, the price is a little high. Which, although no excuse for theft, is definitely a head’s up for Disney. The message being: Lower your price!


Think Disney doesn’t know this? Then why have they offered a lower price if you order the PhotoCD before you even arrive at the Parks? And they’ve added what they call Bonus Content, which is a series of ‘free’ shots of Disney Characters included with your purchase. This new promotion is aimed at getting your vacation cash earlier, and before you spend it elsewhere. But this still leaves the price at upwards of $100.00.

Mater 5 +  GalleryV1_Website-24

Here is my solution: Offer a reduced package for a set number of shots. I would suggest $49.99 for 50 shots. A buck a shot. Still higher than the 19 cents a shot charged by WalMart to process your own shots, but for that extra magical element, I’d pay the increase.

I can’t help but believe that Disney would thusly sell many more PhotoCD’s to appreciative Guests who would return year after year to buy yet more PhotoCD’s.

This equals a win-win situation for all involved: Disney gets money. Disney’s PhotoPass Photographer’s get some job security. And we get great shots at a reasonable price.

World Showcase     GalleryV1_Website-13     WDW PhotoPass Disc

All of this being said, I did spring for the PhotoPass CD after my first visit to Disneyland, as I didn’t know when or if I’d ever visit again. But would I pay out for a second crop of pics if I did visit again. I seriously doubt it. So what is your opinion of Disney’s PhotoPass? Do you buy the CD, or individual prints, or just say ‘pass’ and rely on your own shots?

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4 Responses to Disney’s PhotoPass Program May Cost Too Much

  1. Interesting. I tend to agree with you. The only time I end up purchasing the Photopass CD is when I am with several families/couples and we all split it. In that case, we stop at literally every Photopass photographer we can find. Otherwise, I use Photopass Photographers to take photos with our camera, and it comes out JUST as good as theirs. Good insight.

  2. I have to admit that I love PhotoPass. If not for it, we would have very few pictures with our whole family on them. So, for that reason, I’m willing to shell out the extra money for it. And that’s saying something for a cheapskate.

    • disneynouns says:

      LOL! I’m a bit of a cheapskate too, but I just can’t visit enough PhotoPass sites to make a disc worthwhile most times. Glad you were able to cough up for those memories though!

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