Disney-themed Neckties and Tie Pins

This is not a post about Drinking Around the World Showcase. Sorry if I got you too excited! No, it’s a post about that evil device (that I’m sure was created by a woman, but I have no proof of that) called the necktie.

Definition: Necktie. A long strip of cloth tied around a man’s neck using a variety of knots which restricts air flow causing extreme discomfort while serving no tangible purpose. But every woman loves a sharp-dressed man, so…

Now, you would think that if that was my attitude, I wouldn’t own many (if any) neckties. You would be wrong:

Clothing Tie 1 +  Clothing Tie 2 +  Clothing Tie 3 +  Clothing Tie 4 +  Clothing Tie 5 +

Clothing Tie 6 +  Clothing Tie 7 +  Clothing Tie 10 +

Clothing Tie 9 +

And that’s not even all that I have!

Now no good tie should be without a tie pin, or clip, or clasp, or whatever. So when I saw this set of tie pins on eBay some years ago, I knew I had to buy them:

Clothing Tie Pins + Clothing Tie Pins + - Copy (3)

Clothing Tie Pins + Clothing Tie Pins + - Copy

Clothing Tie Pins + - Copy (2) Clothing Tie Pins + - Copy (4)

The five faces of Mickey

As you have probably gathered, I actually like wearing ties. I regret that there aren’t more occasions where one of these Disney-themed ties would be appropriate!

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